The biggest target is to raise up !! Never ......

Beto Pimparel, text's publication from 2019-02-25 09:37:01 :
The biggest target is to raise up !! Never ... never give up .... you want something??? Go and get it for yourself .. together we can lift it up and celebrate it after !! We are family.. we are partners.. we depend on each other !! Devam Göz Göz !!! #defendecomfibra #goztepe

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betopimparelofficialPágina oficial do guarda-redes Beto Pimparel. | Official page of the goalkeeper Beto Pimparel. | Pagina oficial del portero Beto Pimparel.

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Message from Beto Pimparel at 2019-02-212019-02-21 :
Dia 3 de Marzo no os olvidéis la II carrera contra el câncer infantil en Cantillana , la carrera se...
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Message from Beto Pimparel at 2019-02-202019-02-20 :
Göztepe is all about this: a big family !! #sanligoztepe #defendecomfibra

Message from Beto Pimparel at 2019-02-152019-02-15 :
Work... teach...learn !!! Every day is an opportunity.. growing is the way to make yourself bigger !!! Never stop ......
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Message from Beto Pimparel at 2019-02-122019-02-12 :
Sou agradecido a ti PAI !! Sou agradecido a ti DEUS !!
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Message from Beto Pimparel at 2019-02-102019-02-10 :
Trust in us !! This is Göztepe #GozGozGoztepe #defendecomfibra
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2019-02-24 18:02:15

Message from Tiago Castro at 2019-02-24Jogo especial ontem à noite !!
Grande atitude de toda a equipa , este é o caminho !!

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