Terrorism has no religion. Let us unite and stand together...

Mesut Özil, text's publication from 2019-03-25 13:12:09 :
Terrorism has no religion.
Let us unite and stand together against violence against any race or belief. 🙏🏼❤🇳🇿 #HelloBrother #Christchurch

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Message from Mesut Özil at 2019-03-112019-03-11 :
Planning meeting. OneUnity

#LiveThinkPeform #unitysquad

Message from Mesut Özil at 2019-03-102019-03-10 :
Superb performance! 💣 Brilliant result! 💥 Thank you Emirates Stadium! 👏🏼 Proud to be a Gunner! ❤❤ #YaGunnersYa #M1Ö #WeAreTheArsenal...

Message from Mesut Özil at 2019-03-052019-03-05 :
The Arsenal family does not only have members in the UK and Europe, but all around the World 🌏❤ Thank...

Message from Mesut Özil at 2019-02-272019-02-27 :
#YaGunnersYa 😎💥 Five-Star team performance tonight! Happy for everyone at the club and for all the fans! 🤙🏼#WeAreTheArsenal #M1Ö...

Message from Mesut Özil at 2019-02-242019-02-24 :
3 more points for us at the Emirates! ⚽ See you again on Wednesday. 👍🏼😉 Enjoy the rest of the...

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Marco ReusMarco Reus
2019-03-25 12:35:24

Message from Marco Reus at 2019-03-25What a game! Great fight until the end and good start into qualifiers 💪🏻🇩🇪✨
@dfb_team #Euro2020 @ Johan Cruijff ArenA

Nadiem AmiriNadiem Amiri
2019-03-25 10:47:30

Message from Nadiem Amiri at 2019-03-25Off to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🛫 #ENGGER #NA18 ⚽️🔥

Ralph GuneschRalph Gunesch
2019-03-25 09:11:30

Message from Ralph Gunesch at 2019-03-25Dann mal ab in die 2. Woche A-Lizenz...

Joana Gutke  TorwärtinJoana Gutke Torwärtin
2019-03-25 08:19:26

Message from Joana Gutke  Torwärtin at 2019-03-25Leider haben wir das Spiel,trotz guter Leistung gegen
Hoffenheim 3:1 verloren.
Damit rückt die #missionklassenerhalt
Vielleicht passiert ja...

Leon GoretzkaLeon Goretzka
2019-03-25 05:42:20

Message from Leon Goretzka at 2019-03-252:3! Was für ein wichtiger Sieg gegen die Niederlande in Amsterdam! Danke für euren großartigen Support! 🇩🇪 👊

#europeanqualifiers DFB-Team, OnsOranje

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