I’m on the road in Minnesota and the #wolfpackworkout took...

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I’m on the road in Minnesota and the #wolfpackworkout took place on a bike this am! Yesterday I was talking to @glennondoyle about working out and why it’s so hard for me, motivationally speaking. And because I was so externally motivated before by a coach and pressures of being at the highest levels I never developed the internal kind of motivation I think some people do. Discipline or regret, right? And what I said to G yesterday that changed me somehow was that I don’t really workout to get fit looking or to feel better(although those are bonus side effects). When I workout, it changes the way I feel ABOUT myself. I think if I have worked out, I can do anything because I’ve already accomplished the hardest thing of the day and the confidence and self esteem it gives me has been shocking. Working out and internal motivation has been one of my biggest challenge in life. One day at a time. And if you haven’t realized this yet, it’s ok. It takes Time Love you all! Proud has heck:) #wolfpack

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