WOLFPACK RULE #2 by Abby Wambach - 2019-03-14

Abby Wambach, text's publication from 2019-03-14 16:05:35 :
My new book WOLFPACK (out April 9) is based on the speech I gave to the women of Barnard College for their graduation last year.

The message is this: If we want to change the game, we have to start playing by New Rules. In the book, I share 8 New Rules that allow us to take leadership of our lives, careers, families and future.

Rule #2 is deeply personal to me: LEAD FROM THE BENCH.

It's a Rule I learned during the 2015 World Cup, and apply to my life everyday.

I hope when you read about it in WOLFPACK, it will be as world changing for you as it's been for me.

You can preorder the book here:


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2019-03-13 14:59:47

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