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2019-08-25 :
What a way to start the League!!
Thank you to everyone showing up supporting us and making this a great...

2019-08-17 :
When you are nominated with your TWO team mates..

2019-08-16 :
Yesterday was HOT! First win of the Season and we are ready for the finals on Sunday against North Carolina....

2019-08-15 :
..And we're back! Season starts TODAY! First game of 2019/20, let's get it ladies. Olympique Lyonnais - OL

2019-05-22 :
So this happened. Looks like my BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year 2017 got a new friend. Massive thanks to...

2019-05-20 :
What a year it's been for me, but most importantly for the team. It's been long, it's been tough, but...

2019-04-15 :
What a weekend;
- BIG win
- Top of The League
- 26. 000 spectators making this a historic match(!)

MERCI pour votre...
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2019-04-08 :
Thanks Puma, awesome day at the HQ. Now I’m dragging my tired ass home to Lyon; ref last pic.

2019-03-27 :
ALLEZ !! Bravo team - SEMIFINALS GET IN @ol

2019-03-20 :
FOCUS. Allez l’équipe - Allez Lyon

2019-03-08 :
If we all speak up together, if we all use our voice, we WILL make the difference
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2019-02-11 :
Why always us? @mb459

2019-02-09 :

2019-02-08 :
Focus. Big game against PSG tomorrow. Home at our magnifique playground @groupamastadium . ALLEZ L’OL !!

2019-01-10 :
Great ⚽️s of fire
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2018-12-17 : : This is the story of the greatest night of my entire life.
I wrote a little piece about...

2018-12-14 :
Every girl has a dream, please believe in yourself! Thanks to Puma for supporting dreams. #GoldenShoes PUMA Football #NewLevels...
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2018-12-08 :
Back to work - This is what it’s all about

2018-12-07 :
SQUAD ⭐️ #PleaseBelieveInYourself

2018-12-05 :
Le Ballon D’or est à la maison // The Ballon D’Or is home !!
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2018-12-05 :
It takes some time to realise what a huge moment this was.
Before anything; This is a win for Women’s Football,...

2018-12-04 :
WHAT A NIGHT ⭐️ Photo: Ivar Waage Johansen

2018-11-23 :
HURRA for en viktig dag og påminnelse av hvor lite som skal til for å GLEDE noen i hverdagen. Hva...

2018-11-10 :

2018-10-17 :
We absolutely love the Champions League!! Proud of this one

2018-10-16 :

2018-10-05 :
Excited to continue the journey with the PUMA family!! PUMA Football

2018-09-25 :
Mum and dad. So happy I get to share all moments with you. My family, my fiancé, my big sis...

2018-09-23 :
Touchdown London for the FIFA Awards 2018!

2018-09-22 :
HURRAY - 3p & ⚽️⚽️⚽️ ! Bravo à l’équipe pour une belle esprit et aux supporters toujours présents !! #HowWasYourWeekend

2018-09-22 :
Jour de match / Matchday aka best Day of the Week. Allez l’OL

2018-09-08 :
Moooornin’ guys - First home match of the season - We back!!

2018-08-30 :
You showed the combination of being the best in sport and the best among friends.
You were very very important...

2018-08-26 :
Ouiii - Starting off the season well with 3p in Lille

2018-08-24 :
C’est parti pour ma 5ème saison dans ce beau maillot.
It is time to hit my 5th season in the @OL...

2018-08-20 :
I’ll go for it

2018-08-03 :
Champions League 17/18 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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2018-07-25 :
Fastest route to Miami Beach, s’il vous plaît ?

2018-07-24 :
Still daydreaming.. In Preseason mode preparing for a new cracking year !! @ol

2018-07-01 :
Tre strålende dager med gjengen avsluttes i dag kl 12 på Ekeberg, KFUM banen. Det er da anledning for alle...

2018-06-26 :
Showtime! Vi holder, for første gang, vår egen fotballskole - sponset av OBOS! Torsdag til søndag samles 22 jenter spredt...

2018-06-22 :
Andy is home! Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg

2018-06-21 :
Can Les Bleus do it? On verra ! 2.omg fra Kontraskjæret nå, fin gjeng ⭐️ @2sporten

2018-06-20 :
Vacation’s over. Back in bis !!

2018-06-04 :
Très heureuse de vous annoncer que on continue l’aventure ensemble jusqu’en 2021!

Did it !! Signed for another three new years...
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2018-06-02 :

2018-06-01 :
Quel empreinte vous avez laissé pour le foot. Je suis fière d’avoir joué a vos côtés, vous êtes des grandes...

2018-05-31 :
Last game of the season !
CUPFINAL - Olympique Lyonnais - OL vs PSG - Paris Saint-Germain & Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg...

2018-05-29 :
Enjoying the last week in Lyon before holidays

2018-05-25 :
‪Got a record now. Sweet, sweet 15. Couldn't do it without my teammates. Hey Cristiano can you score one more...

2018-05-25 :
1️⃣5️⃣ goals // WE DID IT !! Olympique Lyonnais - OL UEFA Women's Champions League

2018-05-24 :

2018-05-24 :
What a day - All led to these moments. Allez les filles, le club, la ville et les supporters! ALLEZ...

2018-05-23 :
Ready for the final. Let’s do this girls. @PUMAFootball @PUMAWomen #NewLevels

2018-05-23 :
Well arrived in Kiev for the final tomorrow. Merci Laurent & Tibe Evolution for my new kickass shin pads -...

2018-05-22 :

2018-05-20 :
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2018-05-19 :
Homies and sisters. With La Familia in the stands! What a night❤️. Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg Olympique Lyonnais Féminine - OL

2018-05-17 :
Hurra for 17. Mai og gratulerer med dagen kjære Norge

2018-05-16 :
Thanks to our main man Gary for hooking us up with some amazing seats !! @antogriezmann on fire

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