Ali Riley

Ali is a fullback from Los Angeles, CA who plays for the New Zealand National Team and FC Rosengård in the Swedish Damallsvenskan.
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2019-08-31 :
Cheering on the men with my man ❤️

2019-08-26 :
When you’re #feelingferny but @nzfootballferns aren’t meeting up for the international break

2019-08-16 :
First ever @die_liga game tomorrow. Let the new adventure begin! ❤️ @fcbfrauen

2019-08-11 :
No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each...

2019-07-19 :
I feel very lucky to have spent the past year with this team, at this club, and supported by such...

2019-07-18 :
Guten Tag

2019-07-05 :
When ⚽️>
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2019-06-28 :
Getting some touches in with my forever coach ♥️
#sinceday1 #lifeaftertheWorldCup #preseason

2019-06-25 :
“Strength does not come from winning. It’s struggle and strain that develops your strength. It’s when you go through hardship...

2019-06-18 :
One last chance.
Are you with us?

2019-06-11 :
It’s time.

2019-06-06 :
Is it still ‘très chic’ if you’re trying this hard?

2019-06-04 :
Final warmup before the big dance.

2019-06-02 : : With screws in both her feet and her NWSL team folding, New Zealand striker Rosie White had to...

2019-06-01 :
Hold me closer tiny dancer ♥️

2019-05-28 :
Ready for our final @fifaworldcup preparations after a weekend with my Swedish support crew ♥️ @ Brighton City Beach

2019-05-27 :
Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the space and lives...

2019-05-21 :
Whenever you doubt how far you can go,
just remember how far you have come. #forthefern #dreamcrazy

2019-05-18 :
Belly and Baba

2019-05-15 :
Back in the US of A to play the

2019-05-12 :
I love to #dreamcrazy. Thank you @nike for supporting me in my mission to make history for New Zealand at...

2019-05-05 :
I’ll see your shooting drill @yaelaverbuch and raise you one-touch wall juggling under your neighbor’s window... #highstakesjuggling #highriskhighreward
You like my...
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2019-05-04 :
Saturday Selfie

2019-04-26 :
Make each day your masterpiece.
-John Wooden

2019-04-22 :
This little ⭐️ and I will see you Sunday at Kingsmeadow! It’s far from over...
@chelseafcw @erincuthbert_ @uwcl

2019-04-09 :
Today was a good day.

2019-03-27 :
Going to the @uwcl SEMI FINALS for the first time and it feels so good (even better when it’s with...

2019-03-11 :
Putting the jet in jetlag

2019-03-04 :
That Ferny Feeling

2019-03-01 :
Fail forward.
@nzfootballferns #cupofnations #forthefern

2019-02-27 :

2019-02-23 :
You must forget your limits. You must forget your doubts, your pain, your past. -Phil Knight
Excited to be a part...

2019-02-20 :
A 6-0 win. Hat-tricks for @bethanyengland4 & @frankirby. Now off to Australia to meet up with the @nzfootballferns. Lots to...

2019-02-16 :
Hakuna matata♥️ @ London, United Kingdom

2019-02-13 :
Just having a moment

2019-02-08 :
Waiting for Sunday

2019-01-29 :
The gang’s getting back together!

2019-01-21 :
As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
– Marianne Williamson

2019-01-19 :

2019-01-15 :
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
-Virginia Woolf

2019-01-13 :
Heading into the international break like

2019-01-10 :
If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal...⚽️

2019-01-06 :
Every day I get to do what I love is a good day. But today was extra special thanks to...

2019-01-06 :
Every day I get to do what I love is a good day. But today was extra special thanks to...

2019-01-05 :
Going into the first game of 2019 (with a sell-out crowd!!!) like

2019-01-01 :
Loving 2019 so far ♥️ @ Surbiton

2018-12-30 :
2018 was full of change and challenges. But through it all, from Malmö to London, from injuries to podcasts to...
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2018-12-27 :
Flying into tomorrow’s training like

2018-12-24 :
The Joy to my World ♥️ @ Paje Beach, Zanzibar

2018-12-22 :
Nungwi will always have a piece of my ♥️. Now on to Paje

2018-12-11 :
For it is in giving that we receive

2018-12-05 :
My rehab buddy, my roomie, my dearest friend. We have done a lot together this year, from updating our bitmojis...

2018-12-02 :
Två år ♥️

2018-12-01 :

2018-11-28 :
See you at the final

2018-11-28 :
Game Day in Lifou

2018-11-26 :
Seas the day.

2018-11-25 :
The most capped Kiwi footballer ever. Congrats @riapercy_2 you little legend! #12moreyears #roadto200

2018-11-24 :
My teammates Betsy Hassett & Rebekah Stott ("BeSt Media") have taken over the Football Ferns media duties here in New...
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2018-11-22 :
Thanksgiving looks a little different this year...but so thankful nonetheless ♥️
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