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2019-08-21 :
Sometimes it doesn’t matter the badge or the club you support. The most important thing is to share experiences, doesn’t...

2019-08-15 :
For you, for me, for us! Once again, Thank You #Evertonians!
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2019-08-09 :
Motivado e ansioso por que comece! Obrigado Seleções de Portugal!

2019-07-30 :
Obrigado a todos pelas vossas mensagens, pelo carinho e pelas surpresas! São 26 anos de histórias e muitas memórias.

2019-07-30 :
"... is all you need!
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2019-07-26 :
On our way to Germany! We're ready for the next challenges and looking forward to the kick off! Can't wait!...

2019-07-22 :
New Phantom VSN ready to light up the pitch!

2019-07-18 :
Ops! I did it again!
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2019-07-13 :
Hard work in Switzerland. So far so good!

2019-07-12 :
The most amazing piece of furniture I've ever seen. Thank you Ocelote for the tour and especially for the meal....
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2019-07-06 :
Let's go #EvertonInKenya

2019-07-03 :
Back to hard work with the Lads!

2019-06-29 :
Only 2 days to go back

2019-06-27 : :

2019-06-26 :
I can't wait to start a new chapter with the Blues!

2019-06-25 :
I finally signed it Lads! I’m at home!
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2019-06-22 :
Family wedding

2019-06-19 :
Yesterday I had a blast in the new G2 Esports facilities in Berlin. What we are building goes beyond esports...

2019-06-15 :
Enjoy your weekend

2019-06-06 :
Life is a journey... drive it with class!

2019-06-03 :
Crazy little thing called vacations

2019-05-31 :
Going into the weekend like...

2019-05-25 :
Weekend mode

2019-05-20 :
What do we say to the God of Mondays?

2019-05-17 :
Chicago is always a good idea.

2019-05-13 :
Enjoying last days before summer holidays ☀️

2019-05-10 :
Most people like to go with the flow. Don't be “most people”. ⚡️

2019-04-30 :
Hey Daddy! It's time to play!

2019-04-24 :
Enjoying the afternoon ☕️

2019-04-22 :
Last Thursday we met some Everton fans at the official club shop. It's always amazing to connect and talk with...

2019-04-19 :
“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully” ☀️

2019-04-19 :
We are making a stand against racist abuse.

We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so we are using...

2019-04-09 :
Special moments never take a day off.

2019-04-05 : : Phil Kirkbride sat down at Finch Farm for an exclusive interview with the Barcelona loanee
✍ “One thing...

2019-04-03 :
Work done, back home!

2019-04-01 :
No room for racism.

2019-03-28 :
Relax. Refresh. Recharge.

2019-03-23 :
Express(o) Yourself

2019-03-20 :
Welcome Spring!

2019-03-07 :
Cappucino is always a good idea! ☕

2019-03-07 :
Douro Cup :

2019-02-15 :
Work hard, work together!

2019-02-04 :
Precision Always ⚽

#PhantomVSN #Nike Nike Football
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2019-01-24 :
Could not feel better. Thanks again for so much solidarity and so much love! ‬
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2019-01-23 :
Today I had a fabulous evening at Goodison with our Amazing Fans.
Was the First #HugAThon for all of us...

2018-12-10 :
Five crazy minutes holding us back but you've made us fight 'till the very end

2018-12-05 :
We've tried very hard but couldn't achieve the result we wanted. Thank you for your support

2018-11-24 :
Great Saturday in Goodison Park

2018-11-11 :
Great job from everyone against a very strong opponent

2018-11-03 :
An afternoon we will never forget!

2018-10-21 :
What a feeling! Been working really hard just to experience Goodison’s Park special atmosphere

2018-09-27 :
Obrigado capitão
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2018-07-31 :
Completamente sem palavras para descrever a surpresa que os meus amigos e família me prepararam. Obrigado, do fundo do meu...
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2018-07-10 :
Neste dia, há 2 anos atrás, levantava-se de novo o esplendor de Portugal

2018-06-23 :
Discovering Rome

2018-06-18 :
Charging batteries

2018-06-17 :
Family portrait

2018-06-04 :
Bye #NYC

2018-06-03 :
Muchísimas gracias por todo David
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2018-06-01 :
Thank you Nusr-Et for the amazing experience yesterday

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