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2019-08-31 :
Head down and work hard. That time has come again.

2019-08-30 :
#IamtheMlspa @mls @mlspa

2019-08-29 :
Une belle victoire collective qui fait du bien. Le travail continue. golazoooooo hermanito

2019-08-15 :
Ca c’est de l’esprit d’equipe !! Bien joué mes frères

2019-08-12 :
Aprem relax.. en mode recup pour mercredi

2019-07-20 :
Another important game today.. @impactmontreal

2019-07-13 :
Come on @impactmontreal . Let’s do it together

2019-06-27 :
Une tres belle victoire collective qui fait du bien

2019-06-24 :
It only takes few seconds to give hours or lifetime of joy.. be grateful for who your are , who...

2019-06-09 :
I love it too much. Can’t wait to get back ..

2019-06-06 :
Going to support the family today. Come on @impactmontreal

2019-06-03 :
Dieu est au contrôle.Touché.. pas coulé.. i will be back soon hopefully #recoveryday1

2019-05-31 :
“Fighting as a team” on vous attend encore demin 17h au stade Saputo. #together

2019-05-27 :
Monday morning motivation.. back in the days when i was in London off season..
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2019-05-20 :
Always a pleasure meeting you guys.. No matter what.. keep smiling

2019-05-17 :
Tomorrow’s game might be really tasty on the stand. @chefdannysmiles grilled cheese sandwiches deserve to be tested.. so obviously approved...

2019-05-10 :
Mon Yayus...❤️ on se croisera bientot si Dieu le veut

2019-05-03 :
Moody me

2019-04-28 :
Well done @impactmontreal today against Chicago Fire. We had to be patient and so we managed to get the 3...

2019-04-14 :
Amazing team spirit yesterday against Columbus. Got your back my bro @32azira .

2019-03-29 :
Here we go again guys. Let’s come back with a positive result tomorrow @impactmontreal #mlsisback #montreal #soccer

2019-03-26 :
Life is all about having fun isn’t it.

2019-03-19 :
Happy to see my friends @elitechauffeurservices made it.. this is for my romanian people.. try it and you won’t be...

2019-03-17 :
+3 keep going @impactmontreal

2019-03-04 :
It never comes through magic.. it takes sweat, determination and hard work #keepworkinghard #everyday

2019-03-02 :
MLS is back. Come on @impactmontreal . Let’s have a great season

2019-02-25 :
THE BEST ONE... @abou_diaby . Yes i said it and from far. Not only an amazing player.. an amazing soul...

2019-02-24 :
Good team performance last night against a good team. Encouraging for the beginning of the season. Let’s keep working hard....

2019-02-19 :
Throwback tuesday motivation.
Needed to be ready for the full pre season and season.
#Préparationphysique #training #montreal #canada
bonne saison...
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2019-02-17 :
Nous sommes l’ @impactmontreal. Un bon match de preparation et une belle victoire

2019-02-13 :
Shooting for EA SPORTS FIFA was fun. Impact de Montréal

2019-02-12 :
The new kit is

2019-02-07 :
It is time to go home for a lil break. We had two good weeks of hard work and looking...

2019-02-02 :
Before succeeding .. you need to suffer...✨ n’est ce pas mon soldat @zakariadiallo19

2019-01-26 :
Don’t stop research...

2019-01-18 :
Happy birthday a vous.

2019-01-12 :
Who said Ugg boots doesn’t suit mens..

2019-01-09 :
It’s back. Yianni: Supercar Customiser series 2. See @y14nny Yiannimize Tonight at 8pm on Dave. Make sure you watch and...
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2019-01-07 :
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2019-01-07 :
A good way to start your day guys. Keep moving, stay healthy

2019-01-04 :
“ I Looove this cold “❄️
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2018-12-26 :
This is what i call the perfect winter. Sun
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2018-12-13 :
Let’s the sun shine .. new day.. new story.. new opportunity.. be grateful

2018-12-05 :
Fresh trim at MK Barbershop

2018-12-04 :
Chilling with my bros Johnny1Vegas and @omarba5 after a nice workout.. i miss training sooooo much. Can’t wait to be...

2018-11-05 :
Sunday mood ✨ #sofa #tvshow #blacklist #home #sleepy

2018-10-31 :
Disconnecting for a bit.. making sure i will connect even better next season.. thank you fans for the support. Together...

2018-10-29 :
Very disappointing not to be part of the playoffs.. overall there is some positive to keep in mind.. we sticked...

2018-10-11 :
Life is about RESPECT and DIGNITY.. everyone would have gone crazy before the fight because of the way “the chicken”...

2018-10-10 :
Une tres belle journée pour soutenir la fondation de l’ @impactmontreal #fondationimpactmontreal
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2018-10-09 :
I think i am ready to go

2018-10-08 :
Happy monday guys
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2018-10-07 :
“Winning is the best feeling “ @impactmontreal

2018-09-14 :
Game day tomorrow

2018-09-11 :
Another important game coming..
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2018-09-10 :

2018-09-03 :
For some it is a goal celebration.. for others it is a proper workout ... isn’t it @saphirtaider_officiel

2018-09-02 :
Belle victoire collective @impactmontreal contre une belle equipe. Heureux d’avoir contribué au score également
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2018-08-30 :
“L’impact cette semaine” Merci pour l’invitation

2018-08-29 :
Good night world ..

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