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Stoke City player. Exjugador del FCBarcelona. Former Roma, Milan, Ajax and Mainz 05 player.
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2019-08-29 :
Feels nice to get such an important victory on your birthday. Let's keep it up, guys!!

2019-08-27 :
‪Feliç amb el reconeixement del FC Barcelona a una de les seves figures més emblemàtiques! ‬

‪Gaudiu de l’Estadi Johan Cruyff!...

2019-08-25 :
Just a shame not to give our fans a good result last night, but we need to keep fighting together....
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2019-08-23 :

2019-08-19 :
Thanks to everyone for the support on my home debut! Happy to have made my first start. Time to keep...

2019-08-13 :
First days of training

2019-08-08 :
Really excited and can't wait to help the team achieve its targets. Thanks to Impact de Montréal for your trust...

2019-08-06 :
Thank you, Potters fans!

2019-07-12 :
The kind of teammate you always want on your team, on and off the pitch.
Thanks for your friendship, Crouchy. Today...

2019-07-09 :
Tuesday ✔️
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2019-07-04 :
Siempre disfrutando de las clases de tenis con Helmut en @Bonasport Club Esportiu.

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2019-06-26 :

2019-06-26 :

2019-06-21 :
Flip yourself around and go again... You've got to keep moving! Good workout at Entrena en Regenera with the top...
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2019-06-17 :
Target for this week of the holidays: keep giving my best! Fully motivated to continue my prep.

2019-06-14 :
Weekend vibes ☀

2019-06-13 :
‪Con este grupo es más fácil machacarse en verano. ‬

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2019-06-08 :
Muchas gracias a Ibai Gómez, Carlos Pérez, David Vargas, Néstor Sánchez, Xavi Cañellas, Adolfo Madrid y Mel Sànchez por vuestra...

2019-06-07 :
Cuando el objetivo es seguir mejorando, ¡nunca se entrena demasiado! Ha sido una semana de sesiones de entrenamiento duras e...

2019-06-06 :
¡Qué bueno es disfrutar y aprender de un gran amigo! ¡Y qué bien lo pasamos cada vez que nos juntamos!


2019-05-29 :
¿Un paseíto por Miami Beach?

2019-05-28 :
Tengo el placer de seguir compartiendo nuestra amistad desde la infancia. ‬

‪Quiero agradecerte la semana que hemos vivido en México....

2019-05-24 :
No todos los días puedes comer en un sitio así, increíble La Gruta en Teotihuacán.

2019-05-23 :

2019-05-21 :
¡Comenzando mi viaje por México en muy buena compañía! Tenía muchas ganas de hacer esta visita y disfrutar de esta...

2019-05-14 :
Grazie per il tuo talento, De Rossi!
Che fortuna essere stato al tuo fianco con la AS Roma!
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2019-05-07 :
Visitando el plató de Movistar para analizar el Liverpool FC v FC Barcelona

2019-05-06 :
A tough season for Stoke City Football Club comes to an end but we can't thank our fans enough for...

2019-04-23 :
‪Llibres i roses!

2019-04-15 :
Soooo good to catch up with my good 'amigo' Joselu Mato!

2019-03-31 :
We tried everything to win yesterday, but it was an encouraging performance to keep fighting!

2019-03-27 :
I keep using the same pics every year because some memories are worth remembering many times... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIGOS!!

2019-03-26 :
Gran nit de futbol!! ❤⚽ Vaig gaudir molt jugant de nou a casa meva i retrobant-me amb bons amics. Ens...

2019-03-21 :
‪Ens veiem a Montilivi! ‬
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2019-03-19 :
‪Vitoria. ‬
‪Amigos, sois especiales. ‬

2019-03-17 :

2019-03-06 :
That joy of helping the team get back to winning ways. Now focused to make it happen again next weekend....

2019-02-21 :

2019-02-08 :
Johan Cruyff created a football revolution. His legacy is still creating spaces to change the lives of children from all...
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2019-02-01 :

2019-01-05 :
‪¡Ya vienen! Feliz noche de Reyes a todos.

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2018-12-31 :
I end a year full of lots of different experiences that allow me to go into 2019 feeling positive. Thanks...

2018-12-24 :
Merry Xmas to you all!! Enjoy it with your loved ones!

2018-12-19 :
Back to school yesterday to visit these lovely pupils at Hassell Community Primary. No better way to immerse yourself into...
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2018-11-29 :
Always loving football!! ♥️⚽

2018-11-23 :
Any football pitch always makes me feel at home. ⚽

2018-11-16 :
Otro parón para cargar las pilas con un #BojansBreakfast.

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2018-10-22 :
Ready to start the week!

2018-10-21 :
When you never tire of winning, you're more than a champion, you're a legend! Great stuff, Marc Márquez, congrats!! #level7

2018-10-09 :
Some hard work during the international break!
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2018-10-03 :
Fantastic win and once again great support from our fans last night. Thank you all!
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2018-09-29 :
That wonderful moment... and it felt even better to celebrate the goal with our fans!
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2018-09-27 :
First, you fight.

2018-09-08 :
International break = more time to calmly enjoy a good #BojansBreakfast!

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2018-08-28 :
As always, celebrating my birthday with a smile, grateful for all of your good wishes and for the affection of...

2018-08-17 :
Gracias a ti me enganché al basquet, a amar aún más los colores del Barça y a vivir tardes inolvidables...

2018-08-15 :
‪Chilling out on a day off... ☕

2018-08-13 :

2018-08-07 :
When the heat's beating down it's time for a #BojansBreakfast summer edition... as always, not a detail is missing, of...
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2018-08-01 :
Happy August, guys (to those of you who can enjoy it

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Delantero del Alavés. Exjugador del FCBarcelona. Former Roma, AC Milan, Ajax, Mainz 05 player and Stoke City player.

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