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2019-09-01 :
A very important point on a very special day. Great team effort! Thank you for all the lovely birthday messages!...

2019-08-30 :
When you love what you do! ⚽️

2019-08-27 :
I was missing this feeling! Happy to be back! Great game from all team

2019-08-22 :
Working hard for tomorrow's game

2019-08-08 :
Another good training session preparing the premier league start

2019-08-04 :
Last friendly game before the premier league start.
Good hard work so far.

2019-08-02 :
These are "The Football Boots!"
New Merc vibes

2019-07-31 :
“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those...

2019-07-29 :
@patrice.evra thanks for everything you gave to football!

#ilovethisgame #respect

2019-07-24 :
Prepare yourself

2019-07-14 :
Que orgulho. Parabéns campeões, vocês mereceram

2019-07-13 :
Training camp ⚽️
#saints #premierleague

2019-07-10 :

2019-07-03 :
Enjoying the last days in paradise.
Feeling ready for another season

2019-06-28 :
Beautiful experience #amangiri

2019-06-24 :
Unforgettable day

2019-06-17 :
Golden hour

2019-06-09 :
Parabéns Portugal

2019-06-05 :
Parabéns equipa. Portugal na final da Liga das Nações

2019-06-02 :
Another season has come to an end. Was an intense and tough season but a very enjoyable journey, where we...

2019-05-27 :
Bravi ragazzi! Siamo in Champions League!

2019-05-16 :
The one and only

2019-05-14 :
Serata eccezionale. Pubblico sempre caloroso.
Grazie a tutti per il supporto.

2019-05-10 :
Buona serata #dinnertime

2019-05-08 :
Preparazione per Inter x Chievo #forzainter

2019-05-01 :
Força Iker! Vais voltar mais forte

2019-04-30 :
Best friends and Milano
#milanolife #bestfriends

2019-04-28 :
Portuguese connection.

2019-04-24 :
Like a kid ⚽

2019-04-11 :
Lavorando per la partita di Frosinone.
Working for the game against Frosinone.


2019-04-09 :
La bella Italia

2019-04-06 :
È bello sentire che facciamo la differenza

2019-04-02 :
Verso Genova per la partita di domani.
On the way to Genova for tomorrow’s game. #ForzaInter

2019-04-01 :
"Life is way too short for bad vibes" #focus #positivevibes

2019-03-29 :
Preparazione verso la partita di domenica con i miei ragazzi.

Preparing sunday’s game with my team mates. #Inter #ForzaInter...

2019-03-25 :
Força equipa. Força Portugal!

2019-03-23 :
With my baby boys

2019-03-17 :
Questa vittoria è per i nostri tiffosi
See the video

2019-03-10 :
Grande partita, risultato importante, supporto fantastico dei nostri tifosi

2019-03-07 :
A San Siro continuiamo con il supporto di tutti i nostri tifosi

2019-03-06 :
Eintracht Frankfurt x Inter

2019-03-05 :
Preparazione per la partita della UEL #forzainter

2019-02-26 :
Buongiorno Milano

2019-02-22 :
Up to the next round of UEL! Amazing support from our fans last night

2019-02-20 :
Ready for UEL game ⚫

2019-02-17 :
Bravi ragazzi

2019-02-14 :
it's good to be back in the Europe League even better with a win

2019-02-12 :
Allenamento di preparazione per il gioco di UEFA Europa League.

Another training session to prepare the UEFA Europa League’s...

2019-02-10 :
Grande lavoro di tutta la squadra. Siamo Inter! #ForzaInter

2019-02-08 :
Descansa em paz

2019-02-06 :
Insiemi ragazzi!
Forza Inter
#Inter #ForzaInter
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2019-01-29 :
Sempre juntos meu irmão

2019-01-26 :
A new challenge in my career. I am feeling very happy to be part of this great team with such...
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2019-01-19 :
Feels good to win. Thank you for the amazing support from our fans

2019-01-12 :
Difficult game, great result. Good work boys

2019-01-09 :
Focused on the next game

2019-01-08 :
Nice dinner with my big portuguese friend @joaomoutinho8 #portugueseconnection

2019-01-03 :
Tough game and the team showed strong character until the end. We go again.

2018-12-31 :
Wish you all a happy New Year!
All the best for 2019! #2019

2018-12-24 :
Desejo a todos um Feliz Natal junto das vossas famílias.

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