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Welcome to the official fan page for United States Women's National Team and Chicago Red Stars striker Christen Press.
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2019-08-29 :
Back at it in Philly

2019-08-27 :
Thank you LUNA for taking action by closing one of our pay gaps and showing us that equality can’t wait...

2019-08-26 :
Thank you LUNA for taking action by closing one of our pay gaps and showing us that equality can’t wait...

2019-07-13 :
ESPYs ⭐️

2019-07-13 :
It’s heavier than it looks

2019-07-07 :
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

2019-07-06 :
Dream with us.

2019-07-03 :
No looking back. One more!

2019-07-03 :
I am because of you ❤️

2019-07-02 :

2019-06-28 :
Sting like a butterfly

2019-06-25 :

2019-06-17 :
Everyone go check out rɘ—inc!

2019-06-11 :
‪The long awaited game day is finally here.

2019-06-05 : : Members of the United States women’s team start their own collections and open up another front in the...

2019-05-27 :
Hulu paid us to do a new goal celebration, and we’re selling out all the way to France
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2019-05-17 :
Thank you Locale Magazine!

2019-05-10 :
Hulu's paying us lots and lots and lots of dollars to tell you that #HuluHasLiveSports. Watch us in the World...

2019-05-02 :
Thank you to my village. Especially my ☝

2019-04-30 :
As of today, I bleed red, white, blue, and GREEN. Because Hulu is paying me to
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2019-04-17 :
Just got my FabFitFun Spring Editor’s Box! #FabFitFunPartner ✨ This box is filled with so many cool products from the...
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2019-04-04 :

USA vs Australia. Tonight at 6pm (PT) on FS1!

2019-03-05 :
Let’s goooo

2019-02-28 :
They keep me warm

2019-02-27 :

4pm (PT) on FS1

2019-02-22 :
Who's coming to an Utah Royals FC game this year?

2019-02-19 :
SURVIVOR x U.S. Soccer
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2019-01-23 :
one step closer
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2019-01-18 :
It hailed today but we are happy!

2018-10-24 :
My Hydrive Energy Water care package finally arrived! Now I have refreshing flavor and energy to help me recharge throughout...

2018-10-23 :
When I'm not on the field working on my soccer game, I'm still making self-improvements. Invisalign® clear aligners allow me...

2018-10-15 :
We're going to France!!

2018-10-09 :
Proud to be Team FNV! The FNV campaign is on a mission to get the world eating more fruits and...

2018-09-28 :
I can't thank you guys enough for all of your support!

2018-09-21 :
Excited to join Grassroot Soccer's Global Board of Directors!

2018-09-11 :
Keeping it
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2018-09-10 :
In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, I'm proud to join TWLOHA's "Tomorrow Needs You" campaign. Click on the link...
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2018-09-10 :
There is power in perseverance...and Lance and Kaya, featured in the Invisalign® brand's original series, are the perfect example of...

2018-09-06 :
Keeping it

2018-09-04 :
Fam, friends, fans, U.S. Soccer & especially my wonderful teammates, thank you for making me feel cherished to the bones....
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2018-08-31 :
Game day in LA ❤️

2018-08-30 :
So excited about these shirts I designed with Represent!

2018-08-23 :
Had an amazing time training with Maya and her friends in Minnesota today thanks to Hydrive Energy Water! Use code...

2018-08-16 :
Soccer has had such a positive impact on my life, and it's beautiful to see it happen to other players....

2018-07-26 :
Ready for tomorrow

2018-06-24 :
‪Feeling so welcomed! Happy to be a part of the Real Salt Lake Utah Royals FC family
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2018-06-19 :
I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to play for Kopparberg's Göteborg FC again. This club has shown...
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2018-06-14 :
‪Grateful for the opportunity to play for the USWNT, all the amazing people I’ve met along the way & all...
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2018-06-08 :
Thanks for having us, Salt Lake City! Next stop: Cleveland

2018-06-04 :
‪3 points yesterday and I’m off to camp today!

2018-06-01 :
‪I DONUT know what I would do without you guys

2018-05-29 :
Thanks to Damallsvenskan, Cmore & Svenska Spel for the award and donation! I'm happy to pass it to Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC's...
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2018-05-27 :
No better feeling than game day at home! Let's get it Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

2018-05-26 :
So nice to be in the swing of the season. Time is flying by & tomorrow is #GameDay!

2018-05-25 :
‪Feeling grateful for my amazing fans! This year has not been easy, but I am very happy and feel loved....

2018-05-23 :
‪I’m lucky I’ve been able to remain so close to my oldest and best friends despite living so far from...

2018-05-21 :
Monday Motivation

2018-05-20 :
#GameDay ready

2018-05-17 :
‪#TBT to my Stanford University days! Stanford Women’s Soccer is the most winningest program in the last 9 years! #ProudAlum...
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2018-05-16 :
I am looking for (more) beautiful places in Gothenburg to be outside in nature...maybe do some grounding. Suggestions welcome!

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