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2019-08-26 :
Just watching that last minute winner again...

2019-08-15 :
Being myself works for me

2019-07-25 :
37 degrees... but first ☕️

2019-07-18 :
You do you. I’ll do me! Fine tuning #CB17

2019-07-14 :
Centre court was on another level! Two legends. Congrats Novak!

2019-06-27 :
Don’t believe in luck, believe in prep! New season soon come
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2019-06-12 :
Short but successful time with the national team. Two positive results to finish the season! Now to rest, recover and...

2019-06-06 :
Focus on the journey, not the destination. Bring on Saturday!

2019-05-23 :
Love Peace Power and Kindness ✌

2019-05-17 :
London ➡ Paris ➡ Miami!

2019-05-11 :
One final session today for Jules. One final game tomorrow for the season! Let’s finish on a high

2019-04-21 :
Perfect way to cap 200 Premier League appearances!

2019-04-12 :
If you didn't grow up playing with a ball like this, did you even play football at all?

2019-04-01 :
Turn the O2 into the O3! Drake

2019-03-30 :
It’s never nice to see another team relegated. We did what we had to do to win the game with...

2019-03-29 :
The best view comes after the hardest climb

2019-03-20 :
Always smiling with this squad! Great to be working hard together ready for two UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers!

Michy Batshuayi

2019-03-15 :
Control the things you can control

2019-03-08 :
More than just a teammate, a brother in this world where feelings are rare! Thank you for all the moments...

2019-02-18 :
I didn’t come this far, to only come this far! #Blessed

2019-02-10 :
Fitter. Sharper. Team deserved three points. It’s coming! ⏳

2019-02-08 :
London Derby at Selhurst! Let’s do this.

2019-02-02 :
Back to full fitness and flying! Today felt top!

2019-01-27 :
Selhurst under the lights

2019-01-18 :
It’s been a long, tough road back. Mentally and physically draining. But I’m back, I feel sharp and I’m ready!!...
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2018-12-24 :
Humbled to help out at the Crisis skylight centre! Hopefully the small gesture brings some happiness to those less fortunate...
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2018-11-19 :
Top work Zverev

2018-11-02 :
You may see me struggle. But you’ll never see me quit.
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2018-10-02 :
Working hard in the shadows to get back out on the pitch under the lights ⏳

2018-09-06 :
Unfortunately I have had to withdraw from the Belgian Red Devil’s due to a knee injury. As always, I’ll work...

2018-08-11 :
Great win to kick off the new season!

2018-08-08 :
Stay focused. Stay humble.

2018-08-06 :
Final week of preparations

2018-08-04 :
Happy to wrap up pre-season with a win and a goal. All eyes on the start of the @premierleague now!...

2018-08-03 :
Selhurst’s calling
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2018-07-17 :
Happy to finish our pre-season camp with a big win. Let’s keep this up!
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2018-07-13 :
New season loading ⏳ Crystal Palace Football Club

2018-07-11 :
You’ve made us all proud boys, keep your heads up!

2018-07-09 :
Enjoyed our first day of training in Malmö ✌

2018-07-06 :
‪Huge team performance tonight. On to the semi final! Really happy for the whole squad!
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2018-07-04 :
Good to be back

2018-06-28 :
Another day, another session
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2018-06-15 :
Happy Eid to everyone celebrating today. Wishing you all peace and happiness


2018-06-11 :
Really enjoyed filming with one of my oldest friends Eden Hazard for Hazard/Benteke Family Reunion. It’s on RTBF this Wednesday...

2018-06-08 :

2018-06-04 :
Dissapointed to have been left out of the squad going to the World Cup. I’ll keep working hard and come...

2018-06-01 :
Don’t worry @vincentkompany. I’ll give you a rematch
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2018-05-23 :
The hard work has begun!
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2018-05-13 :
Happy to celebrate another great result at Selhurst with my loved ones

2018-05-08 :
Observe and evolve!

2018-05-05 :
Great job coming back from behind today. The away end was rocking

2018-05-02 :
Stay positive. Work hard. Make it happen! #CB17

2018-04-28 :
What a team performance. Thanks for your support today fans, such a nice gesture!

2018-04-25 :
It’s going to be LeBron James

2018-04-20 :
Eyes on back to back wins!
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2018-04-17 :
Every day is a blessing
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2018-04-14 :
Massive three points! Proud of the team. Selhurst was on

2018-04-13 :
Another huge game tomorrow at Selhurst! Let’s get it rocking and help get three points in the derby. #CPFC #CB17...

2018-03-30 :
Put together a team and participate in the WAPA Football League. Find out more on ⚽️

Creé ton équipe et...
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2018-03-26 :

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