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2019-03-01 :
New season on tap, let’s get it

2019-02-18 :
Great memories, great banter. Top lads!

2019-01-23 :
Can’t tell where the jersey starts and ends on me. Still

2019-01-14 :
2 years down, happy anniversary love. Life is better with you in it.

2019-01-11 :
Thinking about our last few months of freedom before

2019-01-10 :
Chugged icy cold, fresh water straight from a glacier. Never getting dehydrated again.

2018-12-25 :
We all know nothing on social media is edited or photo shopped so if you happen to zoom in on...

2018-12-20 :
Baby mama

2018-12-12 :
Decent technique. Probably went straight to the other team

2018-11-24 :
R & R

2018-11-19 :
Dream boots

2018-10-29 :
The part in Step Brothers after they become best friends... that’s been the last 3 months for us while this...

2018-10-24 :
We take Halloween and yard work very serious around here @alangordon9 @jen.zyski.mccarty
See the video

2018-10-02 :
My wife and I did something crazy today. We went to the doctor and had the doctor tell us the...

2018-09-01 :
Amore mio #sweeneytortellini

2018-08-29 :
Every so often, a moment comes around that can’t be adequately described in a witty/funny/heartfelt caption. This was one of...

2018-08-14 :
R.I.P. ginger beard.
Sometime in June 2018 - last night 2018

You made me look homeless at times and we haven’t...

2018-07-26 :
To a great teammate and friend, congrats on your record breaking @mls career (so far). You have been pregnant with...

2018-07-16 :
As a proud ginger, I can’t survive Chicago summer without 2 things: SPF 100 and Rehydrate from @advocare. Stay hydrated...

2018-06-21 :
#nationalselfieday #tbt NYC nights with the ol’ ball and chain

2018-06-17 :
They don’t get much better than this one right here. Happy Fathers Day pops!

2018-06-10 :
Quick day trip to LA for the FIFA 18 World Cup Activation event. The pants/sweater combo backfired

2018-06-08 :
My Bridgeview security detail escorting me into the weekend #cf97

2018-05-27 :
Don’t worry, I used SPF 110 #mdw2018

2018-05-26 :
Missing it. Hoping to be back soon. Good luck tonight lads. #cf97

2018-05-11 :
Enjoyed hanging with Chitown legends DLee and Adam Burish last night. Cheers to @BallastPointBrewing on the opening of their new...

2018-05-05 :
My favorite wombmates have made it to 30.
To my wife: you are smart, hilarious, beautiful and don’t look a...

2018-04-21 :
Mood #cf97

2018-04-10 :
Never got into any trouble growing up. Not once. #nationalsiblingday

2018-04-08 :
Celebrating the first win of the season or excruciating pain from a stubbed toe

2018-04-03 :
When your wife says she’s not hungry and then eats all your fries...

2018-03-08 :
Head up,

2018-02-17 :
Sun setting on preseason.... T minus 3 weeks

2018-02-07 :
“The Red Rocket”

2018-01-14 :
You have successfully put up with me for 1 full year. You deserve this medal

2018-01-11 :
Sticking around these parts a little longer

2018-01-04 :
My favorite Tico (sorry @rodwall22). Thanks for dinner hermano!

2018-01-02 :
Rare sighting: Irish Howler Monkey. Quite ornery, but beautiful to watch in its natural habitat.

2018-01-02 :
New year, same

2017-12-29 :
Get you a wife that can go off-road ATVing in the jungles and on the beaches of Costa Rica and...

2017-12-26 :
First Christmas outside of Florida, same

2017-12-23 :
My children before children

2017-12-17 :
Offseason = Wedding Season

2017-12-14 :
Dedicated groupie in the offseason

2017-12-08 :
Christmas sweater SZN

2017-11-21 :
My NYC children

2017-11-02 :
To all @chicagofire fans: thank you for a great season and for welcoming me with open arms. We will come...

2017-10-06 :
Gameday in the city where it all began for me... Focused. #Get3

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