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2019-08-27 :
Rock Filius ✌

2019-08-01 :
Thank you Geneva for your support yesterday

2019-07-30 :
Ok I lost

2019-07-23 :
New York City

2019-07-22 :
Grant Williams, Tacko Fall and mini me

2019-07-15 :
Koliko god da je bolio poraz, digli smo glave i hodali ponosno, a to mogu samo rijetki! 15.7.2018

2019-07-11 :
Godina je prosla, a sjecanja i osjecaji ce zauvijek ostati u nasim srcima. ♥️

2019-06-27 :
Pocivaj u miru Loki moj


2019-06-27 :
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2019-06-27 :
Croatia Full of life

Rijeci nisu potrebne.

2019-06-27 :
Imagine enjoying amazing food and drinks next to the infinity pool with panoramic views of the island while the sun...

2019-06-26 :
Lastovo ♥️

2019-06-25 :
Sastanci sa aj lajk a lot

2019-06-18 :
Joel Hotel

2019-06-15 :
Zadar yesterday ♥️
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2019-06-15 :
Happy Birthday my old brother Mohamed Salah, wish you all the best. Enjoy your day

2019-06-14 :
Zadre hvala od ❤ bilo je fenomenalno! SPLITE vidimo se sutra od 11:00 u City centru one!

2019-06-13 :
Veliko hvala Marin Cilic i njegovoj ekipi koja je organizirala i ostavila fantastican dojam sa jucerasnjeg humanitarnog eventa. Bilo je...

2019-06-13 :
Sutra u Zadar stizemo, vidimo se

2019-06-11 :
Uskoro se vidimo u Zadru.

Hvala Zagrebe jos jednom. ♥️

Rock Filius
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2019-06-11 :
My passionate bankers, work hard and have fun, they will be always there for you.

Sberbank Hrvatska
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2019-06-10 :
Poslije utakmice u Osijeku, dao sam svoj dres jednoj zeni, koja je ponosna gluhonijema majka ovog prekrasnog djecaka na slici....

2019-06-10 :
Hvala svima od srca koji su sudjelovali u kreiranju parfema Vetiver Rock.

Hvala dm drogerie markt Hrvatska i Hrvatska Parfemska...

2019-06-08 :
Dosta teska utakmica, bilo je uzasno igrati po ovoj vrucini, navijaci vi ste nas 12. igrac bili. Hvala vam sto...

2019-06-06 :
Sretan ti 50-ti Rodjendan majko moja.
Hvala na svemu, zelim ti samo najbolje! Volim te ♥️♥️

2019-06-04 :
U nedjelju ću u @Arena Centar predstaviti Vetiver Rock, unisex parfem svog Brenda @Rock Filius, nakon čega će mi biti...

2019-06-02 :
Liverpool we are coming! Be readyyyy

2019-06-02 :
That’s for all the Liverpool supporters around the world! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Let’s enjoy this...

2019-05-28 :
When someone is talking to you, but you just ignore.

2019-05-26 :
Sberbank Hrvatska

Proud to be a part of this story...
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2019-05-23 :
9 days to go... UEFA Champions League

2019-05-22 :
Winning team

2019-05-13 :
What a season it was, your support was incredible, we showed to the whole world that we are unique club....

2019-05-06 :
Come on reds

2019-05-05 :
What a win after a tough, tough game. We show once again that we never give up. We keep fighting.


2019-04-30 :
Another interesting interview with Mohamed Salah...
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2019-04-26 :
Great win, happy to be back on the pitch.

Even more happier for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for his return. Really missed...

2019-04-23 :
Ponosno objavljujem da sam postao ambasador najbolje banke!
Vjerujem u nase partnerstvo i veselim se suradnji.

2019-04-08 :
Ready for Champions League
We go again

2019-04-07 :
Life on Mars 3, Pag Island Trail!

Vidimo se 28.03.2020.
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2018-12-29 :
What a win tonight, well done boys
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2018-12-26 :
3 points ✔️
Clean sheet ✔️ That’s it
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2018-12-25 : : Ema lives in Croatia and is 8 years old now. Due to severe oxygen deprivation suffered at birth...

2018-12-14 :
Ready for the big game on Sunday

2018-11-22 :

2018-10-20 :
Tough game today, wasn’t our best performance, but what only matters are the 3 points and clean sheet

2018-10-07 :
Thank you for the support. We will come back much stronger for the next game.

2018-09-19 :
Step by step...I am getting there to my full fitness
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2018-08-06 :
Back to Melwood today!
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2018-06-16 :
G️reat to start with a win! ❤️️

2018-06-13 :
Another three days until our first World Cup game. We are ready

2018-05-31 :
Hey guys, if you want to visit Croatia then go and check out my brand new hotel - Joel Hotel....
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2018-05-22 :
My interview with Mo is out now, including a reminder of my assist in Rome for Millie
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2018-04-26 :
Dragi prijatelji, vec duze vrijeme saljete mi pitanja vezana uz modni brand Russell Brown pa da zakljucimo i tu pricu....

2018-04-26 :
Only me and Bobbi

2018-04-24 :
Great first leg result against a good team. We are disappointed to concede the two late goals but it was...

2018-04-07 :
A good point from what is always a tough game at Goodison. Now we all look forward to Tuesday night....
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2018-04-04 :
Brilliant atmosphere tonight! Nothing is over yet, c’mon reds till the end together. #ynwa

2018-03-29 :
Great to have this man back with a smile...thanks to my jokes!

2018-03-03 :
Good performance and result ✅ Three points ✅ Great support ✅ We'll keep on going

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