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2019-09-02 :
No matter the position you play at the squad, a goal creates always and amazing felling! To be continued...#Atromitos

A huge...
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2019-09-01 :
Πρώτος αγώνας εκτός έδρας για φέτος..
Στόχος μόνο η νίκη!

2019-08-25 :
Να είμαστε όλοι καλά, χωρίς τραυματισμούς, συγκεντρωμένοι, σοβαροί και καλή αρχή και καλή σεζόν...

#Ατρόμητος_2019_20 #Matchday

2019-08-14 :
Η επιθυμία μας για την πρόκριση είναι το βασικότερο συστατικό για την νίκη! #Ενωμένοι για τον κοινό στόχο..

#οικογένεια #Ατρόμητος

2019-08-08 :
Προσήλωση, αποφασιστικότητα, αποτελεσματικότητα είναι τα κλειδιά για να φύγουμε απόψε με την πρώτη μάχη υπέρ μας...πάμε γερά!

#Ενωμένοι #οικογένεια #Μόνο_Ατρόμητος

2019-08-01 :
Δεν χρειάζονται λόγια, μόνο πράξεις..πάμε ΟΛΟΙ ΜΑΖΙ! Π.Α.Ε. Ατρόμητος Αθηνών 1923 - Atromitos F.C. (Official)


2019-07-28 : : Ο πολυτιμότερος παίκτης του Ατρόμητου στη νικηφόρα πρεμιέρα στα προκριματικά του Europa League, Δημήτρης Γούτας, μίλησε για τον...

2019-07-25 :
Αυτό ήταν απλά το 1ο βήμα, το 1ο ημίχρονο και πρέπει να μείνουμε όχι απλά προσηλωμένοι στον στόχο μας αλλά...

2019-07-23 :
Δεν χρειάζονται πολλά λόγια...ο στόχος είναι ένας και μόνο! Καλή αρχή να έχουμε με υγεία, καλή σεζόν Π.Α.Ε. Ατρόμητος Αθηνών...

2019-06-26 : : Δημήτρη Γούτα καλώς όρισες στον Ατρόμητο! Η ΠΑΕ Ατρόμητος με ιδιαίτερη χαρά υποδέχεται επίσημα το νέο της απόκτημα...

2019-06-21 :
Lech Poznań I want to wish you all the best for the new season! I want to thank you for...

2019-05-19 :
Tonight away from home Piast Gliwice Vs Lech Poznań brings the season to the end..

Thank you all for the...

2019-05-15 :
Tonight at home..Vs Lechia Gdańsk

Strong and #united as #family Lech Poznań

We are always thankful for your continuing support!

On the pitch...

2019-05-11 :
Tonight away from home..Vs MKS Cracovia SSA

Strong and #united as #family Lech Poznań

Thanks for the support!

On the stands...

2019-05-08 :
It felt really good to be back to action. back to the field to feel the be with my...

2019-05-08 :
It felt really good to be back to action. back to the field to feel the be with my...

2019-05-04 :
Tonight at home Lech Poznań Vs Zagłębie Lubin

Photo credit: materiały organizatora

2019-04-27 :
Θερμές ευχές σε όλους για καλή Ανάσταση και καλό Πάσχα με υγεία και ευτυχία!

Δημήτρης Γούτας

2019-04-03 :
Tonight at 6pm at #home and only #united as #family we can move forward!


LechPoznan Vs #Pogon

2018-12-16 :
One more "battle" away from our home. Let's do this #united Lech Poznań in order to get the result...

2018-12-07 :
Tonight at home Lech Poznań we play against WKS Śląsk Wrocław SA and I urge you come at the stadion...

2018-12-02 :
On duty for the best result, always #united and as #family against any opponent for the #victory! Tonight at MKS...

2018-11-24 :
After a short break the #family of Lech Poznań​ again together tonight at #home against Wisła Płock​ for a much...

2018-11-11 :
Heads Up! Focused & determined..we #NeverGiveUp . Always #united as Lech Poznań #family Vs Jagiellonia Białystok for the result we...

2018-11-04 :
Always there are good times and there are difficult times, but all the times standing #united as one and as...

2018-10-27 :
Tonight another match away from home Vs Pogoń Szczecin for the LOTTO Ekstraklasa, 13th match day! Send your positive energy...

2018-10-20 :
Strong, determined, focused, serious...the elements we are responsible to show at the game to get the result we want.. #United...

2018-09-30 :
Finally at our home...finally with all of you by our side...tonight at 6pm for our club Lech Poznań , for...

2018-09-16 :
Everyday is not the same, & today is one of those days that we have to do our best..and more..

2018-09-10 :
Everyday we work hard, to be always at the top
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2018-09-01 :
Best wishes to all for a good and "winning" month! Tonight another #fight, another battle to win at our home...

2018-08-31 :
Intewied by Lech Poznań TV channel! Once again thank you all for the support and warm welcome!

2018-08-30 :
I am very excited to have join the #family of Lech Poznań and to be part of this great club....

2018-07-05 :
Ολοκληρώθηκε εχθές 4/7/2018 η συνεργασία μου με τον διαμεσολαβητή Κωνσταντίνο Ζαφειριάδη και την εταιρία Kick Off Sports Agency. Με την...

2018-05-21 :
It has been a marvelous journey this season and I am thankful..
Now that I have left Sint Truiden and I...

2018-05-19 :
Bittersweet night tonight at #Stayen as we are competing in front of you all great STVV Fans for the last...
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2018-05-05 :
Tonight away, playing against KAS Eupen for one more game at the #PlayOff2 for the 2017/18 season. As we are...

2018-04-21 :
One more game at home tonight! We host KAS Eupen and we want one more win for you STVV Fans....

2018-04-18 :
Mid-week game away at #HetKiel Stadion Vs KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk for #PlayOff2 tonight with great weather & uplifted spirit...

2018-04-15 :
Tonight at #Versluys_Arena Vs Kvoostende for the #PlayOff2 we fight #united, we stand as one STVV Fans and STVV #family....

2018-04-07 :
Tonight we play at home against #Antwerp and as always we want only one result! STVV #family and our loyal...

2018-03-31 :
Here we go again at our 1st match for the play off Vs Sporting Lokeren tonight. We should start strong...

2018-03-11 :
Last game of the regular season at home against Clubbrugge kv and we want you all with us STVV Fans...

2018-03-03 :
Once again away from home for another tough match Vs Royal Charleroi Sporting Club and we want the 3 points...

2018-02-24 :
At Kvoostende tonight and we have to be smart, work hard, be effective in order to continue producing the results...

2018-02-17 : : Με τον Δημήτρη Γούτα βασικό σε όλο το ματς η Σιντ Τρούιντεν νίκησε 1-0 την... υποψήφια πρωταθλήτρια Άντερλεχτ...

2018-02-16 :
We are at the capital tonight playing against RSCAnderlecht and what a fight we have to give! We are prepared...

2018-02-14 :
Valentines Day today and I want to present you my team mates and especially Charis Charisis.
You are the man!
Happy Valentines...
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2018-02-10 :
On the road again for another fight...tonight we have to work hard, to be focused and win! Always and...

2018-02-03 :
Tonight we are at home again #stayen and we have to show that we are ready to get the result...

2018-01-20 :
It has been a while but we had work to do in Spain, and now we are back on our...

2018-01-01 :
Θέλω να ευχηθώ ολόψυχα σε όλους καλή χρονιά με υγεία. Μακάρι ο νέος χρόνος να πάρει όλα σας τα προβλήματα...

2017-12-23 :
We know the X'mass spirit is all around, but for us the winning spirit comes first. We will fight hard...

2017-12-18 :
This past Saturday we played away at KAS Eupen and one more point was added to our total. As I...
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2017-12-10 :
Do not let the #weather keep you away. Tonight at 8:00pm against S.V. Zulte Waregem we STVV need the #victory...
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2017-12-05 :
We had a good game away at Royal Excel Mouscron this past Saturday and a point was added to our...
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2017-11-28 :
Match day for the Croky Cup and we are away playing against Kvoostende and as we always do we want...

2017-11-25 :
Tonight we are back home and we have to win Sporting Lokeren, we have to earn the points that will...

2017-11-20 :
A day at work.. #Goutas #stvv #Belgium 2017/2018 season
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2017-11-20 :
#matchday #blueandyellow #stvv

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