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2019-07-26 :
Back on the cover of @EASPORTSFIFA! Not bad for a lad from a small village in Belgium! #FIFA20 #brainelecomte

2019-07-21 :
Pre season games underway! ⚽

2019-07-18 :
Training continues

2019-06-13 :
Thank you for this unforgettable day my new Real Madrid fans! #HalaMadrid

Merci pour cette journée inoubliable mes nouveaux fans du...

2019-06-07 :
To my Chelsea friends and family,

You now know that I will be joining Real Madrid. It’s no secret that it...

2019-06-06 :
100 c'est bien mais 101 c'est mieux!
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2019-05-30 :
Hi my friends, had some fun with Nissan so check out my episode of the Innovation Games with @dcfreestyle and...
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2019-05-29 :
Ready for the Final! See you later ⚽

2019-05-17 : : Parrain de Make-A-Wish Belgium South, une association qui a pour but de réaliser le rêve d’enfants malades, Eden...

2019-05-14 :
Had a great time with Nissan Football Lab searching for talented players in London. #InnovateYourGame
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2019-05-02 :
Réaliser un voeu, c’est une manière d’aider un enfant gravement malade. Et vous si vous étiez le Génie de @disneyaladdin...

2019-05-02 :
Réaliser un voeu, c’est une manière d’aider un enfant gravement malade. Et vous si vous étiez le Génie de @disneyaladdin...

2019-04-28 :
Tough game and an important point!

2019-04-19 :

2019-04-18 :
Onto the semis! Well done guys

2019-04-18 :
Training ✅⚽

2019-04-12 :
‪London has serious skills. I have been working with Daniel Cutting EMAN SV2 for the Innovation Games! Follow Nissan Football...
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2019-03-15 :
Eden soutient l’opération de solidarité belge Viva For Life - RTBF. Il est ravi d’avoir offert aux enchères une soirée...
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2019-01-11 :
I can think of worse places to go @cesc4official I will miss you! #family #friendship

Il y a vraiment pire comme...

2018-12-23 :
Thank you everyone! Sportsman of the Year #sportgala #redtogerher ⚽

2018-12-14 : : Supplement de Smart Media avec La Dernière Heure
Vous aimez les fêtes de fin d’année? Moi j’adore! Particulièrement...

2018-12-11 :
En Belgique, 1 enfant sur 4 vit sous le seuil de pauvreté. Viva For Life - RTBF se mobilise pour...
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2018-12-03 :
Cheatmode_91 is blowing up! Prove you are the best at FIFA (sorry - UK only!) and win the chance to...
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2018-11-16 :
Hello my friends, to celebrate our new number 1 FIFA ranking, WIN this framed Belgium shirt signed by me!

2018-10-11 :
RDV Dimanche ! Tous devant votre TV Téléfoot #onestensemble
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2018-10-05 :
Hey everyone, i just found out Nissan Football Lab will be asking my old friend Michael Essien Foundation your questions...

2018-09-05 :
La folie à Bastogne !! Merci à tous ! #onestensemble #icewatch ⌚️

2018-09-05 :
Tapping into my new third kit with NikeConnect.

2018-08-31 :
My friends, here is a chance to play poker in person with me in the @bwin Hazard Series. It’s free...

2018-08-21 :
Samedi 25/08/18 à 20H00, stade Leburton 5ème Tour Crocky Cup

AFC Tubize - Royal Stade Brainois Toute ma jeunesse...
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2018-08-17 :
Hello my friends, excited to launch the Hazard Series Charity Poker Tournament! With my help, Bwin are supporting @1dropwater by...

2018-08-15 :
World class dream team
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2018-08-14 :
Teamed up with Nissan
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2018-07-03 :
World Cup knockout football is not easy, but we have a great atmosphere and this team never gives up. Thank...
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2018-06-23 :
Amazing support today! Glad for 3 more points! Thank you everyone in Moscow!! #REDTOGETHER⁠ ⁠ #family

2018-06-21 :
There is an Ice-Watch for each style.
Like me ... Choose yours! Change you can.
#icewatch #changeyoucan #officialwatchpartner

À chaque style son...
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2018-06-19 :
Good to be underway, looking forward to the next game. Awesome to play with @thorgan10 in the @fifaworldcup Thank you...

2018-06-17 :
It’s time

2018-06-07 :
Now we set the tone. This is our year. #MadeDefiant
Watch the full @beatsbydre film here:
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2018-05-25 :
It’s been fun working with Ice-Watch for the first time, here is why I chose them! ⚽

C’était génial de...
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2018-05-24 :
Another great production from my friends @bwin / @bwin_es / @bwinbe. I would guess it’s Maradona being a creative number...
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2018-03-22 :
I am proud to announce I am joining @icewatch as an ambassador and they may even let me design a...

2018-03-11 :
113 years of @chelseafc a win and my 200th @premierleague game. Great to be a blue! Thank you everyone

2018-03-06 :
En tant que footballeur, je sais à quel point la présence des secouristes est importante à chaque événement sportif !


2018-02-08 :
New Mercurial Vapor 360 on my feet, they are

2018-02-07 :
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2018-01-11 :
Celebrating being voted in team of the year! Thank you uefa_official and all those that voted! ⚽ #teamoftheyear #onestensemble...

2017-12-06 :
Photos from Eden Hazard's post
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2017-12-04 :
The new Cobham barber, you have to trust your family. Good job

2017-10-30 :
Des bonbons ou un sort ?

2017-10-29 :
Pitch perfect. Play hard, have goals and beleaf

2017-10-19 :
Happy to score with my head, enjoyed the battle. #cfc @chelseafc Oui c est possible avec la tête !

2017-09-30 :
Courage à tous les Lillois blessés...Une grosse pensée pour vous. #dogueunjourdoguetoujours #onestensemble

2017-09-26 :
Hello my friends, WIN this framed Chelsea shirt signed by me! To win 1) Like my page and the page...

2017-09-09 :
Great to be back, thank you @chelseafc medical and coaching staff for getting me ready! #family #cfc #onestensemble

2017-09-04 :
I grew up with Nike Mercurials on my feet and have a story to tell about every model I played...
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2017-08-05 :
Welcome in France Neymar Jr. Voilà ton prochain trophée !

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