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2019-08-30 :
SEA, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment. You have been wondering what's next for...

2019-08-24 :
SEA, wishing you all a great weekend ⬆️

2019-08-14 :
SEA, time is free, but it's priceless

2019-08-12 :
SEA, Je n'arrive toujours pas à y croire. Mon cœur est avec la famille de ce grand Monsieur, le peuple...

2019-08-08 :
SEA, great honor to be part of a special event at the French Consulate in Lomé

2019-08-01 :
SEA, best caption wins, I will be reading all comments...

2019-07-30 :
SEA, Life is too short for bad vibes

2019-07-29 :
SEA, Quel beau weekend à Lomé ! J’ai eu l’énorme Opportunité de rejoindre des légendes du Football Togolais, Africain, ainsi...

2019-07-24 :
SEA, as I plant this tree today, I plant the seeds of hope and seeds of peace. It will remain...

2019-07-11 :
SEA, a simple smile can clear away a thousand issues

2019-07-08 :
SEA, as a footballer, there are many ways to keep in shape during the vacation period. Tennis has become one...

2019-07-07 :
SEA, being happy never goes out of style

2019-07-05 :
SEA, great training this morning with my team. We go again this evening

2019-07-03 :
SEA, look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Now you get why I spend so much...

2019-07-01 :
SEA, I started playing Tennis back in 2006, but lost touch with the game since then. I am lucky enough...

2019-06-28 :
SEA, going to ride dirty and explore this weekend. Who would like to join me in Kpalimé this time?

2019-06-27 :
SEA, to God be the Glory

2019-06-26 :
SEA, my whole life, I have made a lot of sacrifices for my country and for my people. It's amazing...

2019-06-22 :
SEA, I always say "travel in style". But know that i am always on the lock down. Travel in style,...

2019-06-21 :
SEA, Keep smiling and know that God's time is the best. Had an amazing time in Namibia, be back soon...

2019-06-20 :
SEA, I would like to thank the fans, my teammates, the city of Istanbul, the club of @ibfk2014 and everyone...

2019-06-19 :
SEA, what comes easy won't last long. And what lasts long won't come easy

2019-06-18 :
SEA, Having fun in the hood today, while watching some football

2019-06-17 :
SEA, always keeping it real

2019-06-16 :
SEA, life is too important to be taken seriously

2019-06-15 :
SEA, A few months ago, I launched this new project in Lavié-Togo. There was alot of speculations on what was...
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2019-06-10 :
SEA, keep it nice, keep it peaceful. Do you agree ? ✌

2019-06-08 :
SEA, time to relax in the #SEAgarden

2019-05-22 :
SEA, life is too short for bad vibes

2019-05-16 :
SEA, change your thinking, it will change your life. Positive vibes only ❤️

2019-05-11 :
SEA, en grandissant sans rien, j'ai vite compris que le football serait mon moyen de sortir de la pauvreté. C'était...

2019-05-08 :
SEA, blessed, thankful and focused

2019-05-01 :
SEA, push yourself everyday, because no one else is going to do it for you

2019-04-27 :
SEA, 59 ans...Aujourd’hui nous célébrons la bravoure de nos ancêtres et leur précieux cadeau: la Liberté. Longue vie et prospérité...

2019-04-25 :
SEA, give yourself permission to be happy everyday

2019-04-09 :
SEA, to God be the Glory

2019-04-05 :
SEA, growing up, I didn’t even have a bike. Look at life man... Keep working towards your goals

2019-04-04 :
SEA, God is good ❤️

2019-03-23 :
SEA, Très content de retrouver la sélection et les coéquipiers. Togolaises et Togolais, unissons-nous tous pour la victoire demain. J’y...

2019-03-17 :
SEA, not the result we wanted, but we showed great determination and team spirit. We are taking a precious point...

2019-03-13 :
SEA, chilling with the big boy

2019-03-11 :
SEA, life’s good ⭐️

2019-03-01 :
SEA, don’t be busy, be productive. On my way to work this morning

2019-02-12 :
SEA, wake up everyday and chase that dream. One day you will see the results

2019-02-02 :
SEA, always keeping it real and simple. Hope you are all having a great weekend

2019-01-26 :
SEA, thank God for another day. Stay blessed guys

2019-01-22 :
SEA, if you know me, you know I like to travel in comfort and in style ⬆️

2019-01-21 :
SEA, Shopping Time. Start the week off right, by doing what you love doing
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2019-01-19 :
SEA, always on the move. Game day tomorrow, lets get ready

2019-01-18 :
SEA, care less, you will be happier

2019-01-15 :
SEA, I have gone through alot over the past few years. But looking at the bigger picture, it was a...

2019-01-11 :
SEA, to God be the Glory, Happy Friday to you all. Sending some positive vibes !

2019-01-08 :
SEA, be a mountain or lean on one ⛰

2019-01-07 :
SEA, With this major throwback, I am wishing you an amazing week ahead

2019-01-01 :
SEA, my New Year wish for you is that you be able to dream BIG, yet satisfied with the simple...

2018-12-29 :
SEA, life’s good ☺️

2018-12-28 :
SEA, Classic Friday ! It is almost the end of 2018. I am grateful for life, love and all the...

2018-12-25 :
SEA, Merry Christmas to you all. During this time of faith and family, may the true meaning of Christmas fill...

2018-12-23 :
SEA, vacation mood activated with my brothers @josephattamah_official & @pk_douv. Guess where we off to? ✈️✈️✈️ ❤️

2018-12-21 :
SEA, It’s Friday, so make sure you keep it fresh and classy !@wessimenswear@wessishop

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