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2019-08-24 :
Not our best performance today but we keep our heads up. Work harder and do better next time!

2019-08-23 :
Friday feeling

2019-08-20 :
Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the hell out of them. Clap for your damn self.

2019-08-18 :
Ride or die, since 1998.

2019-08-18 :
First game, first win, first goal of the season. Happy to be part of this team! @fckoeln @fckoelnfrauen #liebedeinestadt
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2019-08-16 :
Season start this weekend got me doing all kinds of stuff.
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2019-08-03 :
Autograph cards are out now. Give this picture a like if you want one

2019-07-26 :
Name a better duo...

2019-07-25 :
Put some respect on my team!

2019-07-21 :
I never trade you for anybody else
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2019-07-17 :
Keep promoting yourself even if your contents get 10 likes and 0 comments

2019-07-14 :
Only God knows the amount of times we got into fights and you finessed me for free food. I literally...

2019-07-12 :
Good morning Champions!!!
A new vlog is up on YouTube! We went to the World Cup final in Lyon. Go...
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2019-07-07 :
I got that FIFA World Cup

2019-07-04 :
Excited to witness the FIFA World Cup final on Sunday USA vs Netherlands. Who will win?

2019-07-02 :

2019-06-30 :
Make sure you keep the real ones. Proud of you ❤️ @turid_33

2019-06-29 :
I appreciate you ❤️ Bella (Isabelle) Linden

2019-06-24 :
If you know you better not look
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2019-06-20 :
I’m very excited to be joining @fckoeln. I look forward to making this season a historic one!

I’m wishing @madrid_cff...

2019-06-18 :
Venice Beach FC to the
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2019-06-17 :

Extremely excited to announce I will be co-hosting and running my first camp together with...

2019-06-12 :
I’ll see you at the top!

2019-06-09 :
FOOTBALL PHENOM IS LIVE! ⚽️⭐️ Extremely excited to announce I will be co-hosting and running my first camp! A lot...

2019-06-09 :
Lisa Evans till I die ❤️

2019-05-24 :
Our melanin will always make us marvelous...

2019-05-21 :
It’s time for ACTION!
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2019-05-18 :
Gwaan wid it, mi gwaan wid it

2019-05-17 :
Life changing experience. I love this place!

2019-05-14 :
I had one job
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2019-05-10 :
New Video is up on YouTube. Go check it out. Enjoy
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2019-05-06 :
Season is over. Time to recharge, work harder and spend som quality time with my family & friends. I’ll see...

2019-05-03 :
Stay true to yourself.

2019-05-01 :
We rise by lifting others

2019-04-29 :

2019-04-24 :
Evolve so hard that they have to get to know you again. #wcw @ Madrid, Spain

2019-04-22 :
Let me shoot my shot. And I hope I don’t miss

2019-04-20 :
Weekend mood #woah
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2019-04-19 :

For the full video on YouTube click right here:
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2019-04-19 :
Hilarious Dizzy Penalty Challenge is now online
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2019-04-19 :
I feel like traveling. Where should I go?

2019-04-17 :

2019-04-16 :
Caption this...

2019-04-15 :
Monday Squad! My team is ready for a new week! Come and join us and let’s get to work!

2019-04-13 :
My home boy too strong for the gram. Charity Project Ghana 2019 coming soon. If you wanna be part of...

2019-04-11 :
Breaking it down on the stage again. Rate this from 1-10. Be nice
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2019-04-06 :
Crossbar Challenge is up! Go check it out
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2019-04-01 :
Bad Energy stay FAAAR AWAAAY!

2019-03-28 :
Only God knows what I was doing

2019-03-15 :

2019-03-09 :
By now you know you’re stuck with me ⚽️

2019-03-08 :
“Try not to laugh” water challenge with @bellalinden10 is up now
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2019-03-08 :
Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women! Shine on…. Not just today but everyday

2019-03-06 :
Happy 62nd Anniversary Ghana

2019-03-05 :
Time to switch gears. @ Madrid, Spain

2019-03-04 :
90s Babies only

2019-03-03 :
I can’t help but celebrate this month in all ways. Let me start by showing you diversity in talents, strengths,...

2019-03-01 :
Chicken MC Nugget Challenge is up on YouTube! Watch us eat as many Nuggets as we can
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2019-03-01 :
Excited to be in March already and I guess you are too. It’s a really big month for me and...
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2019-02-28 :
Add me on Snapchat : @jubecks

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