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2019-09-02 :
Sempre uma honra. Bora,

2019-08-31 :
One more win! Well played, boys. We keep going!

2019-08-24 :
Great win, boys! Massive performance.

2019-08-16 :
Um prazer estar de volta! Sempre uma honra vestir essa camisa... Vamos, Brasil!

2019-08-14 :
Great way to win another title with this jersey. Congrats, boys! Europe is red.

2019-08-13 :
Come on, boys!

2019-08-09 :
A big win to get it started. Thank you, Anfield! #YNWA

2019-08-09 :
First one. Let's go! #YNWA

2019-07-25 :
Pre-season in America done! Thanks for all the support and love we received in New York, Boston and Notre Dame....

2019-07-11 :
We're back! So good to be here again.

2019-07-06 :
Feels good to be back!

2019-06-03 :
Irmãos ❤

2019-06-02 :
Living a dream. Thank you, Liverpool!

2019-06-02 :
See the video

2019-06-02 :
Deus é bom o tempo todo.

2019-05-31 :
Together and focused. One day to go!

2019-05-21 :
UCL Final prep is on.

2019-05-13 :
Very proud of our campaign in this Premier League. We did our best from the first day and I'm sure...

2019-05-11 :
We will fight! Come on, lads. Last one! #YNWA

2019-05-07 :
What a special night! We promised each other that we couldn't give up. That we'd fight until the end. We...

2019-05-04 :
We'll keep fighting till the end, lads. Great result. One to go! #YNWA

2019-05-04 :
Fighting until the end! Come on!

2019-04-30 :
All set and ready. Big one tomorrow. Let's do it! @championsleague #LFC #YNWA

2019-04-26 :
Keep believing!

2019-04-21 :
Obrigado por todas as mensagens e preocupação. Está tudo bem comigo e estou muito feliz pela nossa vitória. Vamos continuar...

2019-04-17 :
To the semifinals! Great night, lads. Come on!

2019-04-17 :
God bless us!

2019-04-14 :
What a game, lads. Great performance. We'll fight until the end. #YNWA

2019-04-13 :
One more big game. God bless us!

2019-04-09 :
Very important win and great first leg. Well done boys!

2019-03-31 :
Big win, lads! Thanks to the great atmosphere, Anfield. We keep fighting! #YNWA #LFC

2019-03-30 :
Great game tomorrow. Come on!

2019-03-26 :
Grande vitória, rapaziada! Vamos,

2019-03-22 :
Tudo pronto! Vamos,

2019-03-17 :
Another great win, boys. Fighting till the end!

2019-03-14 :
Big win last night. Well done, boys!

2019-03-13 :
It's Champions League night! Let's go! #YNWA #LFC

2019-03-12 :
Working! ⚽️

2019-03-10 :
One more win. Let's keep going and believing, boys! #YNWA

2019-03-09 :
Come on!

2019-02-28 :
Great victory, boys. Massive performance! Let's keep going.
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2019-02-23 :
One more. Let's do it! #LFC #YNWA

2019-02-20 :
We didn't get the win we wanted, but we're going to fight for it in Munich. #LFC #YNWA
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2019-02-13 :
Training session in

2019-02-09 :
Great victory, boys. Our fight continues! #LFC #YNWA
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2019-02-08 :
Let's do it, lads!

2019-02-08 :
Unbelievable! Very sad news coming from Brazil. May God bless and comfort the hearts of these families.

2019-02-07 :
Focused on saturday!

2019-01-30 :
We're back. Big day for us! #LFC #YNWA

2019-01-19 :
What a win! +3
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2019-01-18 :
One more step. Come on! #YNWA #LFC

2019-01-16 :
My bro

2019-01-12 :
Well done boys. We keep going. Come on! #LFC #YNWA

2019-01-11 :
One more step, lads. Come on!

2019-01-09 :

2019-01-07 :
Come on, boys! Let's do it.

2019-01-03 :
Come on!!!

2019-01-01 :
Happy new year!!!!

2018-12-29 :
One more important win. We're on our way! Congrats, lads! Specially to my bro Firmino

2018-12-29 :
Come on, boys! Big game, big day. #YNWA #LFC

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