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Faris Haroun (22 September 1985 in Brussels) is a Belgian football player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Royal Antwerp in the Belgian First Division A.
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2019-08-30 :
So disappointed in the result ,but so proud of this 9 warriors that gave it all on the field with...

2019-08-23 :
It cannot always be nice and friendly on the pitch.
See you next Thursday

2019-08-16 :
A night to remember !!
On to the next round ✅
Thanks to all our fans

2019-08-09 :
What a great way to welcome us back to the Europa league

2019-08-09 :
What a great way to welcome us back to the Europa league

2019-07-28 :
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2019-07-14 :
Old wine improve with age !

2019-06-20 :
First day back
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2019-06-18 :
Great memories

2019-06-05 :
What a great season.
I wanna thank you all.
(Staff,Players and SUPPORTERS)
#4thplace #po1 #qualification #europacup

Your Captain.
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2019-05-26 :
Nice way to end the season

2019-05-18 :
“Keep your eyes on the prize ,not the obstacles “ #nevergiveup #godisincontrol

2019-05-12 :
Antwerp came together as one today ❤️! #rustzachtjulie @ Bosuilstadion

2019-05-10 :
Gala African Awards 2019,proud of your work @harounnadj .
Great things coming @h4consultingbe .
#africanawards #gala

2019-05-06 :
Ramadan kareem to all the muslim in the world

2019-04-22 :
3 pts staying home today

2019-04-19 :
Say no to Racism !! ⛔️

2019-04-14 :
Great win yesterday ✊

2019-04-08 :
They told us we couldn’t succeed , let’s show them wrong !!
#coyr #oneteam #

2019-03-26 :
45 question in 45min ,thanks for this nice article .

2019-03-25 :
Royal Antwerp F.C. : Let’s do this all together

2019-03-24 :
Belle initiative ❤️

2019-03-22 :
Learning everyday
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2019-03-22 :
atv Antwerpse Televisie :

2019-03-11 :
Tb champion 11.03.17

2019-03-04 :
Proud Captain! Playoff 1 here we come! #coyr #oneteam #royalantwerpfc #jupilerleague

2019-02-25 :
No better feeling than your support. Great to have that point away.
#roadtopo1 #coyr #oneteam #royalantwerpfc

2019-02-23 :
Glad to be back tmrw where it all started! Looking forward to this big game.
#roadtopo1 #coyr #royalantwerpfc #krcgenk

2019-02-04 :
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2019-02-04 :
Gesigneerd wedstrijd shirt #komoptegenkanker

2019-02-02 :
Good feeling to be back ,3pts coming home

2019-02-02 :
Game day ⚽️ #coyr #oosant

2019-01-20 :
Time has flown!
(Ps. Much happier in these colours

2019-01-19 :
‪9 Finals left ...come on Boys ,lets bring this 3 pts home

2019-01-08 :
Sometimes you need to have some fun. who do you think are the winners from this binchallenge???

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2019-01-01 :
#tb to my past clubs. Feeling so grateful for where I am today. Ready to make 2019 an even better...

2018-12-26 :
Nice way to end 2018 ,3pts ,3rd place ...not a bad year

2018-12-23 :

2018-12-20 :
Go on my instagram page :farisharoun38

Met kerst in zicht heb je nu de kans om één van mijn ondertekende...

2018-12-09 :
GameDay vs my old team Cercle Brugge ...let’s bring this 3pts home

2018-12-02 :
Gutted with last nights loss

2018-11-25 :
Game day

2018-11-05 :
One of my greatest mentors Michel Bruyninckx , brought his own unique style of training to football. cogitraining ,senseball...

2018-11-05 :
‪Great team performance yesterday 0-2 Proud to captain this team and thanks again for your support

2018-11-01 :
Believe in yourself ...never give up god
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2018-10-28 :
Great win ...3pts-3rd place -5thgoal ...what more ?!
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2018-10-21 :
‪Important 3 pts yesterday. Great atmosphere once again. Happy with my 4th goal of the season .#hamdoulilah #coyr #oneteam

2018-10-18 :
Congrats to our -21 Belgian national team for
the qualification for the EK. Hope they follow in our shoes and qualify...
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2018-10-06 :
What a great fighting spirit that we showed again

2018-09-27 :
Yesterday was not the performance and result we wanted. I want to thank all of our travelling fans for the...

2018-09-26 :
Matchday :let’s go to the next round

2018-09-17 :
Thanks Paul for the great service again

2018-09-14 :
I have the pleasure to announce to you that your captain has extend his contract until 2020
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2018-09-02 :
Game Day #oneteam #coyr

2018-09-01 :
Thanks to Cryo Sauna Center for the great service ,ready for tmrw

2018-08-27 :
Photos from Faris Haroun Official's post
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2018-08-27 :
‪So proud of my team! What a performance! 10 against 11, and keeping the 3 points at home. Couldn’t have...

2018-08-23 :
Time is flying! 10 years ago I lived one of the most amazing and memorable moments in my football career....

2018-08-19 :
No better feeling and great team spirit . Happy to get this goal

2018-08-08 :
What do you want to know about me ? Hobbies? Favourite holidays? Role models? Ambitions? ... Check out the latest...
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