This is why I am supporting @RightToPlaySwitzerland. Be also an...

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This is why I am supporting @RightToPlaySwitzerland. Be also an active part of it and move the world! #bewegdich #bewegdiewelt #righttoplay #powerofplay[%257B%2522page_id%2522%253A298824090145027%252C%2522actor_id%2522%253A298824090145027%252C%2522role%2522%253A1%252C%2522post_id%2522%253A1956523861041700%252C%2522share_id%2522%253A0%257D]%257D%257D%26internal_preview_image_id&mdf=1

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gelson.fernandes.officialOfficial Facebook Page of Gelson Fernandes. Midfielder of Eintracht Frankfurt & Player of the Swiss National Team.

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2017-11-28 : : Today is #GivingTuesdayCH! I am active for disadvantaged children worldwide - together with @RightToPlaySwitzerland. Why don't you also...

2017-11-13 :
Bonjour a tous.
Ce matin nous pouvons etre fiers tous d'avoir acquis une nouvelle qualification pour une coupe du monde. Un...

2017-11-06 :
Grazie Andrea e stato un piacere.
Merci l'artiste ce fut un honneur.
Bonne chance pour la suite @Andrea Pirlo

2017-09-21 :
Important win away from
home without yellow card

2017-09-11 : : Gelson Fernandes, 31 ans, a franchi une étape dans sa future vie professionnelle. Il a obtenu un diplôme...

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Marco Schönbächler
2017-12-06 11:45:00

Hallo, zusammen! Letztes Super League-Heimspiel vor der Winterpause - auch gegen Luzern könnt ihr bei der FPA wieder 1x2 Tickets...
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Davide Mariani
2017-12-06 09:33:13

Zurigo dinner con amici.
#mariani #audino #schächter #tadic #güntensperger #brunner #amici #dinner #zürich

Davide Mariani
2017-12-04 19:48:48

Hier noch meine Highlights vom wichtigen Auswärtssieg gegen GC im Letzigrund:
Eccovi i miei migliori momenti della nostra vittoria fuori di...
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François Moubandje
2017-12-02 19:19:33

Hopp Swiss

Fabian Lustenberger
2017-12-02 12:06:55

Danke an Sektion Hertha 1892 für den netten Abend und den Geschenkkorb
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