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2019-08-28 :
Want to hear more about my pro soccer life?! Check it out today 12pm E.T.

2019-08-26 :
Can you tell how much I love my new Goal Five black Advance Tank?!

2019-08-20 :
What a day! ❤️

2019-08-18 :
Don’t miss out! Get your eyes on tomorrow’s game - first ever home game New York Red Bull’s Stadium! Sunday,...

2019-08-17 :
Lehigh Athletics : Great to see you all, thanks for coming!
Good Luck with preseason and with the upcoming season!

2019-08-10 :
Get your tickets!

2019-07-20 :
Leeet’s go! GAME DAY

2019-07-11 :
Lehigh Athletics : Thanks for sharing my story! Lehigh Athletics
#proudalum #grateful

2019-07-06 :
Eyes on the prize

2019-06-12 :
Great time cheering on the USA in their first match vs Thailand!

2019-06-11 :
Come join me tomorrow, 3pm at Steelstacks, as we cheer on the US Women's National Team during their opening game...
See the video

2019-06-09 :
Excited and grateful for the opportunity to play for Sky Blue FC this summer

2019-05-15 :
Thank You again to FC Bayern Frauen & FC Bayern München for allowing and helping me to reach one of...

2019-05-03 :
♦️DANKE♦️THANK YOU♦️ ———————————————————————
After 7 years here in Munich and 12 years total in Germany, I have decided to leave FCB...

2019-05-03 :
Great to hear and happy to support you!

2019-04-30 :
FC Bayern Frauen : Danke für alles! ❤️

2019-04-29 :
“Keep fighting the good fight...”
1. Timothy 6:12 ❤️
We gave it our all yesterday. Thank you for all the support! Congrats...

2019-04-23 :
Thanks for all the support on Sunday!
We ain’t finished yet, one more game to go

2019-04-14 :
Thank you for all the nice Birthday messages

2019-04-09 :
A pleasure meeting you all when you were here! Thanks for having me and good luck with everything!

Great tour group...

2019-03-28 :
What a night! Yaaa on to the semi-finals!

2019-02-27 :
Thank you to all who bid on my jersey to help me raise funds with Underdogs United and support clean...

2019-02-19 :
Only 2 days left to bid on my jersey —> help me and Underdogs United support clean water systems in...

2019-02-18 :
Not in our house

2019-02-08 :
See 5 photos

2019-02-05 :
Pumped to be a part of this initiative! Through Underdogs United’s Global Jersey Exchange and together with Rafinha Official from...
See 3 photos

2019-02-02 :
Ciao Doha, shukraan!

2019-02-02 :
Loving this warm weather ☀️⚽️
#trainingcamp #doha
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2019-01-16 : : Goal Five Athlete and FC Bayern Munich defender, Gina Lewandowski, talks about playing in Germany and her trip...

2019-01-08 :
Bring it on preseason

2018-12-31 :
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Filled with many good times and lots of ❤️
Cheers to a happy...

2018-12-07 :

2018-12-02 :
Fought the fight and won ❤️

2018-11-22 :
Happy Thanksgiving from our FC Bayern Frauen family to yours!
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2018-11-06 : : The world of womens' soccer is changing rapidly. From an amateur-like sport towards a heavily professionalized scene. Let...

2018-10-31 :
Quarterfinals here we come

2018-10-29 :
Big 3 points & nice to be back with the team again ❤️
#fcbfrauen #diebayern #team

2018-09-22 :
It’s all about... TEAM ♦️
See the video

2018-09-12 :
Eyes on the prize ⚽️

2018-09-10 :
Win => onto the next round of the German Cup

2018-08-26 :
2 weeks until the start of the season ♦️

2018-08-07 :
Back in July, I had the privilege to work a soccer camp in Tunisia with some great people. Teaching girls...

2018-08-06 :
Scrimmage vs Liverpool ended 1:1 ⚽️
Good preseason test for us

2018-08-03 :
Team 2018/2019

2018-07-22 :
New season, new goals...

2018-07-08 :
Want to see some good competitive football?! Come out and support us at this international women's football tournamant ⚽

2018-07-02 :
Happy I could give back and help out coaching at PTS’s Work Harder soccer camp in my hometown last week....

2018-06-01 :
♦️Just you and the ball can take you to places you’ve never dreamed of ♦️

2018-05-20 :
We win as a team, we lose as a team. But most of all, we are a TEAM who rises...

2018-05-18 :
Games we work and play for => German Cup Final, Tomorrow 3pm

2018-05-15 :
Thank you to each one of my 1️⃣2️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ followers!

2018-05-05 :
Focus = Tomorrow is Game Day

2018-04-16 :
We are going to Köln! Finals

2018-04-14 :
Thank you for all the Birthday wishes!

2018-04-11 :
Our free weekend called for some traveling. Tulips in Holland

2018-03-20 :
The game we live for...
See the video

2018-02-04 :
E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

2018-02-03 :
Thanks Doha for the awesome training camp ⚽️
See 2 photos

2018-01-18 :
Showing our new girls how we roll @ FC Bayern Frauen

2018-01-04 :

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