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Professional footballer for Arsenal FC & Spain U21 International. Ambassador of The Heart 4 More Foundation. PUMA Athlete. Management
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2019-08-31 :
I know it's the NLD tomorrow but it's going be very hard for me to imagine one without this man....

2019-08-28 :
Hornbæk, Denmark,
August 2019

2019-08-21 :
Cuppa T

2019-08-15 :
Looking at the comeback like

2019-08-07 :
In flight pastime ✍

2019-07-29 :
We keep it classy at the Emirates

2019-07-25 :
Can't wait for the link up

2019-07-19 :
Thank you LA for all the ❤ on tour! #ArsenalInUSA

2019-07-17 :

2019-07-15 :
You'll never know how much i missed you baby⚽

2019-07-10 :
Before and after your first run!!!

2019-07-02 :
So as i said, it was about time ⏳✂

2019-06-29 :
23 weeks on, so many milestones, but everyday is a challenge waiting to be met no matter where I am.

2019-06-20 :
Don't let them tell you, it's not possible. Thank you to Virgil & Louis Vuitton for the opportunity

2019-06-14 :
I've uploaded my latest vlog. On my last one I asked what you'd like to see and a lot of...
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2019-06-12 :
‪Walking past the haters like.. ‬

2019-06-09 :
What, you think I can't take pics?

2019-05-31 :
It's been a season with loads of learnings for everyone as a collective. The result was one which hurt us...

2019-05-28 :
Bro just let me have the ball man. It's been ages

2019-05-20 :
Your tourist pics vs my tourist pics

2019-05-08 :
Sunday’s at the Emirates

2019-04-19 :
It's time for the fans, players and also the governing bodies to put a stop to this and take action...

2019-04-16 :
I really enjoyed my ice cream still

2019-04-10 :
Finally back home. Here's my vlog on my first couple days back. Lemme know what else you'd like to see.....
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2019-04-02 :
Can I have my hat back pls bro?

2019-03-26 :
Trying to sneak into the warm up

2019-03-22 :
So boss, you reckon I can play without my left leg?

2019-03-15 :
‪Sorry it took me a month to post a vlog, been a tough few weeks with my rehab with little...
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2019-03-14 :
One small step for man, one big step for Heccy

2019-03-10 :
In this months British Vogue edition. My mum still can't believe it lol ❤

2019-03-05 :
Feels nice to stand up againnnn

2019-02-22 :
Keeping the knee in check

2019-02-20 :
So far so good. It's starting to look like a knee again
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2019-02-14 :
Just before I went down for surgery I thought I'd film some of my thoughts. Can't lie, was scared!
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2019-02-13 :
My best rehab companion ❤️

2019-02-05 :
‪On the night of the game against Chelsea I started a video diary. Wanted to share with you all my...
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2019-02-03 :
Yes Doc? I can get out of hospital yeah? Saaaafe. Road to recovery begins

2019-01-31 :
Surgery = success. Big thank you to all the doctors and physios who worked so hard to get me ready...

2019-01-30 :
In good hands

2019-01-22 :
There are no obstacles in life you can't get over. Been a difficult couple of days but I'm positive and...
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2019-01-07 :

2018-12-31 :
No matter what. So happy to be back out on the grass!! Arsenal

2018-12-21 :
XTG apparel
PUMA x Foot Locker Europe

2018-12-02 :
Me right now.. #COYG

2018-11-24 :
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2018-11-03 :
Couldn't help it

2018-11-01 :
It's not a costume, it's a lifestyle.

2018-10-28 :
Already trying my best to come back asap

2018-10-26 :
Out here with the Pepsi x Foot Locker Europe campaign

2018-10-24 :
My one and only

2018-10-23 :
Calvin denim

2018-10-22 :
1 goal, 2 assists....

2018-10-18 :
Gettin some bird catching advice. #TheBirdCatcher

2018-10-17 :
Esquire UK Town House.
October 18'
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2018-10-14 :
Friday night Esquire UK's Town House panel. Discussing AW18 trends with a great team.
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2018-10-08 :
Only Boris I like is the bikes mann

2018-10-07 :
Find someone that hugs you the way I hug Laca.

2018-09-25 :
Appreciate the support since day 1.

2018-09-23 :
4 / 4

2018-09-22 :
Latino gang

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