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2019-05-26 :
This was awesome guys! Getting the chance to be recognized in the north end from the @lafc3252 and all the...

2019-04-22 :
Man, it felt great to be back out there with the boys! Thanks to @lafc3252 and all the fans for...

2019-04-11 :
We ain’t cashing checks, we cashing progress! #trusttheprocess

2019-03-26 :
What an awesome day it was Sunday in launching the first ever Vietnamese player Tee in @mls. Major thanks to...

2019-03-24 :
My man @lafcsoccerhead came with the heat today!

2019-03-22 :
Join me at the launch event on Sunday as we’re introducing my @lafc player tee @boilingcrab in Garden Grove!...

2019-03-11 :
Float like a butterfly ...

2019-03-08 :
See y’all Sunday!! #blackoutLA
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2019-03-04 :
What a game. What a way to finish it out from all the guys and some big golazos from @diegorossi9...

2019-02-27 :
Such an awesome moment getting to be apart of the unveiling of the new pitch dedication at Bud Carson Middle...

2019-02-24 :
It was a good final preparation of preseason last night, and thank you to all the season ticket holders for...

2019-02-22 :
Can’t wait to be back in front of y’all March 3rd
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2019-02-01 :

2019-01-22 :
Back to work feels

2019-01-19 :
No Fakers @adidasla #daretocreate #createdwithadidas
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2019-01-01 :
What a 18 it’s been! Let’s top it in 19

2018-12-19 :
J a P a N
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2018-12-11 :
Making memories

2018-12-04 :
Happy to say we’ll have another Lee Nguyen Soccer Camp this year in So Cal. Dates are out and...

2018-11-19 :
Do y’all have coconut water

2018-11-12 :
Living proof that anything’s possible! Great to see ya in action man, keep repping for all the dreamers out there...

2018-11-07 :
Thx for making me look cool @doooker

2018-11-03 :
Remember It ain’t the end. Just the beginning. Gutted with the result last night but proud of what this team...

2018-10-22 :
It ain’t over yet.. The journey continues

2018-10-20 :
And just like that it’s going to be our last home game of the regular season. Can’t wait to see...
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2018-10-13 :
Just dripping black & gold

2018-10-07 :
Couldn’t ask for a better Bday gift then clinching our playoff berth tonight! We just getting started .. Not too...

2018-10-02 :
Just two legends and @kareemabduljabbar_33 hanging out at the @venommovie premiere

2018-09-23 :
Big time dub today and how about that brace for my boy @thewalkerzim .. that’s what happens when you decide...

2018-09-15 :
Who’s ready for the weekend

2018-08-29 :
@laurentciman23 Capi what can I say.. In the time since I’ve arrived @lafc and got to play with you, I’ve...

2018-08-25 :
Man, can’t say enough how much your support means @lafc3252 . Y’all really brought it last night. One thing for...

2018-08-15 :
See you guys tonight!

2018-08-12 :
Nobody said it was going to be easy. A grinding and testing week indeed and the grind ain’t gonna stop....

2018-07-28 :
@lafc Thanks for a memorable 1st g
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2018-07-27 :
What an incredible atmosphere/game/night to be a part of.
My First LAFC/Donut goal ✅

2018-07-19 :
Waiting for the open cup draw like

2018-07-18 :
Had a blast with this squad! Was really hoping to revive you once @ninja but I guess we’ll just settle...

2018-07-15 :
This Is Our House! Time to #DefendTheBanc
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2018-07-08 :
Y’all make nights like this the best nights to play. And damnnnnnn still undefeated at the Banc!! Did they not...

2018-07-01 :
@latifblessing “Yo I think the flag is up, they called offsides”

Nah we’re celebrating

L: “No really the flag is...

2018-06-24 :
Well last night was fun!! Let’s keep this

2018-06-20 :
No grind No shine! Open Cup tmrw night, Let’s get it!

2018-06-16 :
Had such a great time hanging, chatting, and playing with all our younger gen yesterday in Venice beach. Saw so...

2018-06-12 :
Proud to have been a part of this journey with @alfonsobui and to found out we just won best documentary...

2018-06-10 :
If you ask me why I play this game .. well it’s for moments like this! Love seeing how much...
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2018-06-10 :
Are you not Entertained?!! Man I love this group of guys! ‪Love the fight from the boys tonight. Never gave...

2018-06-07 :
Great to get our club’s first win in the @opencup last night! Looking forward to many more and to chasing...

2018-05-26 :
Can’t wait to see y’all again tonight!

2018-05-20 :
Tough way to end the game after clawing ourselves back in it. Can’t wait to meet these guys again though....

2018-05-14 :
The Banc was buzzing last night. Thank you for coming out and repping the black & gold last night. We...

2018-05-10 :

2018-05-06 :
@lafc Debut ✔️ Thank you all for making it a memorable one at the Banc today! Y’all are the best...

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