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2019-08-31 :
Way to win before the international break. 3 more points! ⚪️

2019-08-31 :
Let’s go Leicester City Football Club!! ⚪️

2019-08-30 :
This means going back to the King Power for another Premier League game. #lcfc #leicestercity

2019-08-25 :
Good away win. Happy with the way we played today! Well done lads!! ⚪️

2019-08-24 :
Vaaamos Leicester City Football Club!!

Premier League #lcfc #leicester #leicestercity

2019-08-19 :
We took a point at Stamford Bridge. Keep on fighting Leicester City Football Club!

#LeicesterCity Premier League

2019-08-11 :
‪Há coisas que não mudam. Eu com bola e o Ruben Neves a tentar tirar-ma

2019-08-09 :
When Papy tries to be sexy

2019-08-06 :
New Merc vibes

2019-08-03 :
Feels good to play at the King Power again

2019-07-24 :
‪Focused...Living the dream every day! Let’s go Leicester City Football Club!!!

2019-07-21 :
‪Getting ready for the Premier League

2019-07-13 :
End of a good week of work in Evian

2019-07-08 :
First day of training in Évian

2019-07-04 :
‪Great to be on the pitch again! Pre-season is tough work

2019-07-03 :

2019-07-01 :
Finally back in training! Looking forward to the pre-season!!

Leicester City Football Club Premier League

2019-06-30 :
‪Vacation is over now. Time to go back to work

2019-06-26 :
‪Not bad Ibiza, not bad at all

2019-06-14 :
Pre pre-season

2019-06-10 :
Orgulho em ser Português...Parabéns

2019-05-30 :
My reaction when Papy Mendy says he’s better than me at UNO ➕4️⃣

2019-05-18 :
Teaching the boys

2019-05-13 :
Thank you all for the support throughout the season! Now, I will rest a bit and then I’ll start preparing...

2019-05-12 :
Last game of the season! #lcfc #premierleague

Leicester City Football Club Premier League

2019-05-07 :
‪We gave our best and we performed well but it was not the best result against a very good team...

2019-04-28 :
Great win against an important opponent

2019-04-25 :
‪Practice like you have never won. Perform like you have never lost.‬
‪#lcfc #leicestercity #PremierLeague ‬

Leicester City Football Club Premier League

2019-04-20 :
We didn’t get the win but we take a point on the road. Thanks to the fans for the support...

2019-04-10 :
‪Safe juggling. Warming up for the weekend. #lcfc #leicestercity #PremierLeague ‬

Leicester City Football Club Premier League

2019-04-06 :
Another weekend, another win! +3 points!! Let’s go Leicester City Football Club!!

#lcfc #premierleague Premier League

2019-03-30 :
3 important points, keep this momentum

2019-03-26 :
Back in training ! Focus on the next game ahead of us.

#training #epl #premierleague #futebol #football #backtowork #leicester #city #lcfc...

2019-03-25 :
Muito bom estar no Porto visitando meus amigos e minha família. #Porto #Portugal

2019-03-16 :
Team effort and fighting spirit made the difference in the victory today with 1 man down the whole game !!...

2019-03-10 :
A ver as antigas equipas. FC Porto and OGC Nice.
See the video

2019-03-09 :
It’s always good to WIN, specially at the King Power

2019-03-08 :
‪Getting ready for tomorrow

2019-03-03 :
Disappointed result, we deserved more !

2019-02-28 :
Não falam mas dizem muito

2019-02-27 :
+3 points. Nice win for our team Leicester City Football Club.

#lcfc #premierleague #leicestercity Premier League

2019-02-23 :
‪Football time again ⚽️

2019-02-22 :
End it with speed

2019-02-19 :
Back to work

2019-02-17 :
Fim de semana top em Lisboa. Baterias recarregadas em família. Hora de voltar para Leicester porque o dever chama.

2019-02-14 :
You should date someone that looks at you as Maddison looks at me

2019-02-14 :
I am giving away 1 Leicester City Football Club game worn jersey! Just like this post, tag in 5 people...
See the video

2019-02-08 :
RIP Emiliano Sala!
Police confirms Emiliano Sala's body found

2019-02-01 :
祝所有中国朋友们春节快乐 / Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends.

2019-01-30 :
Match Day!! Let’s go Leicester City Football Club!! #leicestercity #premierleague #lcfc Premier League

2019-01-09 :
Premier League goal of the month!!!

Leicester City Football Club
See the video

2019-01-04 :
Good to see my friends! Now, focused on the next big match. #lcfc #premierleague #leicestercity

Leicester City Football Club Premier...

2019-01-03 :
Great to be on the TOTW. #totw


2019-01-01 :
Good way to start the year !! Happy new year everyone

2018-12-31 :
I would like to wish all my friends a happy new year!!! All the best for you in 2019 and...

2018-12-30 :
Yesterday was not our day. But, we keep smiling and we work for the next match to be different! #RP14...

2018-12-26 :
First Boxing Day, I couldn’t ask for more !!

2018-12-26 :
⏰ It's time for BOXING DAY !

It will be a difficult challenge against Manchester City

Let's go Leicester City...

2018-12-25 :
Merry Christmas from my family to yours !!
See the video

2018-12-23 :
A lot of fun with the guys yesterday during this important victory.


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