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2019-09-03 :
‪Excited to announce my new partnership with Turtle Beach to elevate my game on and off the field.

2019-09-03 :
Back in business. Belgian Red Devils

2019-09-02 :
‪#SayNoToRacism ‬

2019-09-02 :
A very important win! Well done to all my teammates!
Una vittoria molto importante! Complimenti a tutti lo giocatori!

Forza Inter

2019-08-29 :
‪Tutti insieme. Inter

2019-08-27 :
Officially Landed ⚽
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2019-08-27 :
When i knew it was meant to be
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2019-08-27 :
I’m happy with today’s win. Forza inter ⚫️

2019-08-17 :
Hard work and Happiness Inter
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2019-08-14 :
We speak in a mix of spanish, italian and portuguese.

2019-08-13 :
Bulletproof flow. Flyin’ above the noise
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2019-08-08 :
‪To everyone involved with Manchester United - from the board to the manager and his staff, the players, and all...

2019-08-08 :
‪Sono molto contento di essere qui! ‬
‪Grazie per il sostegno.‬
‪Forza Inter

2019-06-20 :
‪Small circle, I ain’t never really ‘round squares. ‬

‪Meek Mill

2019-06-14 :
Couldn’t be happier for you and your family Serge Ibaka! This guy went through so much to make it man!...

2019-06-12 :
Thank you to the fans for showing love! I appreciate it

2019-06-11 :
We keep improving! Another good win for us and what a way to finish off the season! Belgian Red Devils

2019-06-10 :
‪Working on the last details for tomorrow. United as one

2019-06-08 :
Great win today! Was good to be with the boys again after missing a few games! Now we recover and...

2019-06-06 :
‪No in L’s out here B! Belgian Red Devils

2019-06-05 :
Axel Witsel: yo Roc Nation Sports is getting me the bag

2019-06-04 :
‪No L’s out here B..

2019-05-25 :
A storm is coming ⚡️ JD Sports x #PumaSportStyle

2019-05-24 :
‪16 years, 11 days old

2019-05-24 :
‪“All my life, been grindin' all my life. Sacrificed, hustled, paid the price. Want a slice, I could roll the...

2019-05-15 :
Dope day yesterday at Roc Nation Sports office. Thank you for the cake too

2019-04-01 :
Hack the game. Unlock New Levels. PUMA Football

2019-04-01 :
Shocked by hearing this news man. The man had a whole vision and was just about to enjoy all the...

2019-03-28 :
New #PumaSportStyle campaign for the exclusive RS-X Tunes drop with JD Official #JDExclusive #RS-X #Puma
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2019-03-22 :
Now is your chance to win a signed shirt personalized by me ✍️ Otro is hooking up one winner! Hit...

2019-03-15 :
For an opportunity to watch exclusive content, win prizes, and chat with me, check out the new OTRO app
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2019-03-13 :
Ovo x Roc Boy.
Dope experience with a humble dude

2019-03-07 :
‪Winning is all what matters

2019-03-07 :
Believing in yourself can be the difference in moments like this...proud of my team Manchester United

2019-03-07 :
9 and 10.

2019-03-04 :
When she replied after you slid in her DM

2019-03-02 :
Great feeling today +3 Manchester United

2019-03-01 :
Respect above all else Otro.
#ZeroDiscrimination #OurOtherClub

Watch my full story:
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2019-02-28 :
United +3 Manchester United
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2019-02-25 :
It was a tough battle but we kept fighting...thank you for the amazing support on to the next game Manchester...
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2019-01-08 :
‪A big welcome to the newest member of the #rocnationsports family, my brother and teammate Eric Bailly

2018-12-03 :
See Our Other Side, Join #OurOtherClub @OTRO. #OTROisHere #ad
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2018-12-03 : : Welcome to @OTRO. #OTROisHere #ad

2018-11-30 :
Something special is on the way. Can’t wait for this one Gabriel Jesus Benjamin Mendy

2018-11-19 :
Same background
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2018-08-04 :
We invite you to somethin' epic, you know?�Well, we hustle out of a sense of hopelessness�Sort of a desperation�Through that...

2018-08-03 :
Summer 18’ LA

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2018-07-07 :
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2018-06-16 :
Time to focus #TunnelVision #OffLine

2018-06-09 :
Wanna know what I listen to when I'm getting ready for games? Check out my New York's Finest playlist exclusively...

2018-04-19 :
You’re looking at the newest member of the #RocNationSports family!

2018-04-07 :
Manchester is Red!

2018-03-27 :

2018-02-05 :
VS Huddersfield !
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2017-11-15 :
Big thank you to all my teammates that i had playing for @BelRedDevils! You all helped since i joined at...

2017-09-09 :
Not the result that we wanted but we move on to the next challenge..
Delighted to have scored my 150th goal...

2017-09-04 :
#FifaWorldCup #Russia2018

2017-08-13 :
Good first game! Happy with the win! @manchesterunited

2017-07-18 :
#MUTour ⚽️
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2017-07-10 :
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