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2019-08-23 :
From a letter to a surprise school visit to walking next to me at the FA cup final to watching...

2019-08-19 :
Good trainingscamp and another step forward w/ this team!

2019-08-16 :
We all have 2 sides

2019-08-12 :
Nails done and smiles on, ready for America!

2019-08-09 :
Whoever said my legs are skinny?

2019-08-04 :
Recovery + playstation = Sunday

2019-07-28 :
Great first week back at Manchester City

2019-07-21 :
Happy national day to you

2019-07-18 :
what we do during off-season
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2019-07-08 :
Hallo iedereen! Voor ik terug vertrek heb ik (na aandringen van de mama

2019-06-24 :
Start prepreseason today. Never forget to smile

2019-06-07 :
HERE SHE IS, my own created Yolo Juice Cold Press GRLPWR post workout summer smoothie, signed by me!☀️ You’ve got...

2019-06-05 :
Finally mine and finally I can thank everyone who’s been involved in this season’s success, but also throughout my career,...

2019-06-02 :
Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to celebrate Aline Zeler and the important win. We are Belgium! See...

2019-05-27 :
Iedereen welkom op de nationale spelen van Special Olympics Belgium op donderdag 30/5 op ‘t Freethiel in Waasland-Beveren! Ik zal...

2019-05-26 :
40 goals for my country!

2019-05-23 :
‪in case you missed the new snapchat filter.. they used it on me

2019-05-14 :
Thank you as always for the service adidas Football

2019-05-12 :
One season, two cups and a great friend later. Excited for whats next @Manchester City

2019-05-10 :
Jumping into the weekend - this never gets old

2019-05-05 :
Still enjoying yesterday! Grateful to be part of this & for all the kind messages I received, thank you

2019-05-04 :

2019-05-01 :
Ending the last home game of the season on a win with my family in the stands. Nothing better

2019-04-26 :
Rouche un jour... Merci Standard de Liège ❤️

2019-04-19 :

We are making a stand against racist abuse.

We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so we...

2019-04-18 :
Finals don’t come easy. Yolo Juice Cold Press helps me being at my best and reaching my goal. What’s yours?...
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2019-04-15 :
From jetlag to semifinal to reaching another huge final -all in one day. So proud of my team -Wembley here...

2019-04-12 :
Here we go again ⚽️

2019-04-07 :
Today we wear red!

2019-04-04 :
Received these boots today, you make me happy adidas Football

2019-03-29 :
Ready for the weekend. The party’s on sunday!

2019-03-21 :
Today’s footprint is tomorrow’s legacy

2019-03-19 :
Spending my birthday with the best! ❤️ Thank you for all the kind messages and -oldbutgold

2019-03-17 :
Into the semifinals!

2019-03-14 :
Proud to be the first adidas Football athlete in Belgium - surrounded with people who bring out the best in...

2019-03-11 :

2019-03-08 :
See the video

2019-03-05 :
there’s opportunities in every corner

2019-03-02 :
Very proud as Special Olympics Belgium ambassador to team up with Topwijf! Support and buy the limited edition sweater online...
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2019-02-25 :
MondayMotivation! When there’s no more German cups to win, then we win cups with German

2019-02-23 :
What a way to win my ☝
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2019-02-22 :
All recovered from wednesday for the conticup final tomorrow. Thanks Reboots Recovery

2019-02-18 :
No mondayblues and a big week coming up!

2019-02-07 :
Perfect weather for a hard fought win and my first conti cup final as a result!

2019-02-02 :
On my way back⚽️

2019-01-28 :
What it’s really all about

2019-01-17 :
Tired, but well arrived in Spain

2019-01-16 :
Two for the show! ✌

2019-01-16 :
Ready for this: Gala gouden schoen!

2019-01-15 :
Who remembers this one?

2019-01-15 :
D-day -1

2019-01-05 :
First game of 2019 in sight..

2018-12-15 :
While having fun we ended 2018 unbeaten in this season’s league and also made it to the quarter finals in...

2018-12-10 :
Another +3 in the bag! Last sprint before the Xmassbreak now

2018-12-03 :
Important victory yesterday. What a team performance! And what a support
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2018-12-02 :
Jella for life - een actie in het kader van de Warmste Week : Wie graag een paar gesigneerde voetbalschoenen...

2018-12-01 :
Getting ready for tomorrow

2018-11-24 :
Back in action tomorrow!

2018-11-21 :
Never get tired of doing little things for others as they might occupy the biggest part of their hearts
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2018-11-16 :
Toptraining met deze topper Karel Geraerts thanks

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