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2019-09-03 :
Reunited with the Belgian Red Devils, preparing for our #EURO2020 qualifiers.

2019-09-03 :
Belgian Red Flames, good luck tonight against Croatia on your road towards the #WEURO2021!

2019-09-02 :
We can't be happy with this point, we worked hard for more. Let's keep working for the upcoming games. ⚽️

2019-09-01 :
Matchday. Go, team! ⚪⚽ #HalaMadrid #TC13

2019-08-29 :
Challenging draw. First time ever against a Belgian club in the champions league. #HalaMadrid #CL

2019-08-29 :
Belgian Red Flames, show us your grinta tonight. Allez, les Belges!
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2019-08-28 :
Focused and determined to keep fighting!

2019-08-27 :
Proud to be asked as an ambassador for the Belgian women’s football. The Belgian Red Flames are doing better than...
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2019-08-25 :
Yesterday was not the result we wanted, but convinced that with hard work and determination we’ll continue to improve our...

2019-08-24 :
Second matchday in la Liga. Looking forward to playing at home, let's make it count

2019-08-21 :
Let’s keep it up and work hard, focusing on Valladolid.

2019-08-18 :
Great team play and a perfect start in la Liga

2019-08-17 :
Ready for the kick off of la Liga ⚽️

2019-08-15 :
Getting ready for the first match in La Liga! #HalaMadrid

2019-08-12 :
Not an easy game last night, but we keep working to do better. Now we focus on the upcoming start...

2019-08-11 :

2019-08-09 :
Throwback to one of the best days of 2018. The start of a year full of challenges, a year of...
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2019-08-08 :
Happy with our team's victory and clean sheet. Great teamwork

2019-08-07 :
Ready! ⚽

2019-08-06 :
Training with the team went well today. Ready to take it to the pitch in tomorrow's match against Salzburg ⚽️

2019-08-03 :
Amazing victory! Congratz Remco Evenepoel
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2019-08-02 :
Felt good to be training with the team again today. Happy with a fast recovery.

2019-08-01 :
Motivated to come back stronger. Today's training, on my way to recovery.

2019-07-30 :
Working on my recovery to get back to the pitch as soon as possible. I'll be rooting for my teammates...

2019-07-26 :
Last pre-season matchday in the U.S.

2019-07-26 :
It was a true pleasure meeting fan Thibaut

2019-07-24 :
Exciting battle against Arsenal last night with important learnings and a rewarding result for the team.✋⚽️ Onward to La Liga....

2019-07-23 :
Matchday! Working, learning, preparing together as a team to be ready for La Liga.

2019-07-22 :
First 45 mins of the season ✅. Let's work and improve as a team. #TC13

2019-07-20 :
First match of the pre-season. Let’s make it count by working together.

2019-07-19 :
Real Madrid is coming... ✈ #HalaMadrid

2019-07-17 :
Getting ready for this pre-season. No entry here. ⛔⚽ #HalaMadrid
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2019-07-10 :
Working harder, stronger, better.

2019-07-09 :
On our way to Montreal ✈️ Excited for tomorrow’s first training together in preparation of the @International Champions Cup.

2019-07-08 :
Passed the check-up. Ready & determined for the new season

2019-07-06 :
Every second matters on the field, especially the last ones. Throwback to a 90+4’ save at the FIFA World Cup....
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2019-07-04 :
Refreshing family time at the pool.

2019-07-02 :
A throw that started off 14 very memorable seconds. ⚽ #Throwback FIFA World Cup Belgian Red Devils
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2019-07-01 :
Congratulations boys Jesús Vallejo & Dani Ceballos Oficial.

2019-06-27 :
Go Cats !

2019-06-26 :
Had some great days in Ibiza, now looking forward for part 2 of my holiday with my kids

2019-06-24 :
What a weekend Circuit Paul Ricard. Thankful to have witnessed the podium of my friend Charles Leclerc. Congratulations with your...

2019-06-19 :
Recharging batteries while connecting with nature and hiking to secret spots! ⛰

2019-06-17 :
Adriana’s first ballet performance

2019-06-12 :
Defended our nation with pride

2019-06-11 :
Ready for our last game of the season! Let’s finish strong.

2019-06-09 :
That's three in a row

2019-06-08 :
9 sur 9, allons-y. Tous ensemble! #Belkaz #comeonbelgium

2019-06-07 :
Bienvenido Eden al mejor club del mundo! ⚪️⚪️
Glad to welcome Eden to the team! ⚪️⚪️

2019-06-06 :
Noodgedwongen training moeten overslaan gisteren, vandaag terug bij het team. Bedankt aan de fans voor de steun!

2019-06-03 :
Happy Birthday dad

2019-05-29 :
Yes! Chelsea

2019-05-26 :
Happy birthday, my little princess!

2019-05-25 :
Good luck Thomas and congrats with your impressive career. I'm proud to have won that Belgian league title with you....

2019-05-21 :
My sister Valérie announced her retirement from professional volleyball this weekend. She looks back on 11 successful years at the...

2019-05-19 :
Going for three points for this last one of the season. #halamadrid

2019-05-16 :
Congratz Genkies! A well deserved title

2019-05-13 :
Not the result I hoped for yesterday. Let's turn our focus on the last one of the season, next Sunday....

2019-05-12 :
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Let's celebrate this with a win. Gracias por todas las felicitaciones de cumpleaños. Celebremos...

2019-05-06 :
Kept the three points at home. Happy with this win, now let's get those last two wins of the season...

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