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2019-08-16 :
Looks like Captain Morgan knew I was a keeper

2019-08-12 :
This weekend’s #HowardHeroes was 12 year-old Will. He was diagnosed with TS at age 10, and he not only plays...

2019-08-05 :
What a great weekend. We got three points and I got to meet Shelby from Brighton, CO. Shelby is 16...

2019-07-22 :
This weekend’s #HowardsHeroes was a family affair. I got to meet Connor and Kayla who are cousins! Connor, age 12,...

2019-07-18 :
You’ve seen the commercials, now take a look behind the scenes from Ali's and my shoot for the Wiley X...
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2019-07-15 :
Our #HowardsHeroes in Portland was Elliana. She is 9 1/2 years-old and was diagnosed with TS just last year. She...

2019-07-13 :
Bringing that energy tonight #Rapids96

2019-07-04 :
Feeling extra patriotic today. Colorado Rapids Soccer Club game tonight and a dream Sunday set with both our U.S. Soccer...

2019-07-02 :
Last weekend’s #HowardsHeroes was 15 year-old Liam. He was diagnosed with TS at age 5. He loves outdoor activities, animals,...

2019-06-29 :
Up to something...

2019-06-23 :
9 years ago today.... Where you?

2019-06-22 :
Match day

2019-06-17 :
Me and Mine ❤️

2019-06-12 :
Join me and Tag Heuer for a meet and greet at Ben Bridge Park Meadows at 7:00PM on Thursday Night.

2019-06-10 :
This weekend’s #HowardsHeroes was 8 year-old Gabriel, who was diagnosed with TS when he was 6. He is an extremely...

2019-06-03 :
Meet Mariah, our #HowardsHeroes from this weekend. She has persistent tic disorder and also has OCD. She is 11, plays...

2019-06-02 :
Nothing better than waking up with #ThreePoints #Rapids96

2019-05-31 :
Brotherly Love ❤️⚽️ nicolas mezquida sorry about my tongue in your ear!!! I get excited when we WIN Colorado Rapids...

2019-05-20 :
Awesome weekend in LA! We got the much needed win and I got to meet 12 year-old Stacey, who was...

2019-05-18 :
My Day 1 turns 12yrs old today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI...You are loved beyond measure

2019-05-13 :
Our #HowardsHeroes this week was 13 year-old Wyatt. He loves to play soccer, baskeball and baseball, and he doesn’t let...

2019-05-03 :
Back at home for some Friday night lights

2019-04-29 :
This past weekend’s #HowardsHeroes was 10 year-old Nico! Nico was diagnosed three years ago, and has both motor tics and...

2019-04-16 :
This week’s #HowardsHeroes is 13 year-old Axel. He is an accomplished goalkeeper and pianist, and is also fluent in French....

2019-04-11 : : Good or bad, if you've ever received life-changing news over the phone, you're familiar with the unexpected rush...

2019-04-08 :
On Saturday after our match, we had a double dose of #HowardHeroes. I was lucky to meet William on his...

2019-04-07 :

2019-04-04 :
Amongst other things, I’m a Memphian. ⠀

“My Memphis is the beautiful game back in my hometown. I know whole-heartedly having...

2019-04-02 :
Talking football and tattoos of course, what else?! Check out @espnfc soon to see my @everton ink and the design...

2019-03-30 :
See you tonight #Rapids96

2019-03-28 :
With the boys REPPIN’ for the hometown @nuggets ⚽️x

2019-03-26 :
The NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy is designed to develop self-leadership, advocacy skills, and resilience in teens with Tourette Syndrome...
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2019-03-25 :
On Saturday, I got to surprise Graciela for her upcoming 11th birthday. She was diagnosed with TS when she was...

2019-03-21 :
IT’S MARCH MADNESS BABY!!! Greatest Team in NBTHS history... Hands Down @waynesworld1216

2019-03-19 :
I want my daughter to have every opportunity in life, both on and off the field. That’s why I’m proud...

2019-03-18 :
Last night after the match, I got to meet my new friend Parker who was diagnosed with TS when he...

2019-03-17 :
Match day

2019-03-11 :
THANK YOU MEMPHIS for showing out! 8k strong

2019-03-10 :
#HowardsHeroes is back! Last night I got to meet Clayman and Finn and learn about their TS stories. It was...

2019-03-07 :

2019-03-03 :
Thank you Colorado Rapids Soccer Club fans for making tonight such a fun start to the season ❄️ #MLSisBack #Rapids96

2019-03-01 :
1️⃣ day until our home opener #Rapids96

2019-02-24 :
Preseason 2019 done and dusted! Time for the real thing now #HoldFast @coloradorapids

2019-02-22 :
Almost that time... #Rapids96 #Elevate

2019-02-15 :
QUICK...sign up today!!! @njcts

2019-02-11 :
Meeting of the minds. #Rapids96 #Elevate

2019-02-09 :
Great job ALI...The baby of the family made the All-Tournament Team too!!!

2019-02-07 :
So proud of this boy for making the All-Tournament Team!!!

2019-02-04 :
Proud to stand with TagHeuer, in the countdown to $200 Million raised by #CycleforSurvival. 100% goes to rare cancer research....
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2019-02-02 :
@miajustus is the Star goalkeeper of the family! So proud of you girl!!! #ChasingGreatness #NextUp

2019-01-28 :
Nothing better than ☀️ + ⚽️

2019-01-22 :
Preseason starts today, it’s good to be back with the boys! I’m greatly looking forward to kicking off the 2019...

2019-01-15 :
#10YearChallenge COYB 5280 ⚽️

2019-01-04 :
Great day ESPN Thanks for the hospitality ⚽️

2019-01-01 :
‪Thank you 2018

2018-12-12 :
I had a blast on set shooting with Ali for my new partnership with Wiley X. It’s tough not to...
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2018-12-10 :

2018-11-29 : : In fall 2017, Tim Howard was named a minority owner of Memphis 901 FC (Football Club), the United...

2018-11-18 :
‪Sunday’s are for GIANTS

2018-11-12 :
Enjoyed my visit to Nike WHQ last week. Blown away by Nike Football’s continued innovation on and off the pitch.

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