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2019-08-31 :
The examination confirmed unfortunately a slightly torn thigh muscle, so I won’t be able to start in games for like...

2019-08-26 :
It´s great that we handled the match at Hull City well. Thanks to third win in a row, we managed...

2019-08-22 :
In a competition such as Championship, physicality matters a lot
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2019-08-20 :
We’ve been practicing our game tactics for QPR FC for a week and managed to benefit from it in the...

2019-08-17 :
QPR FC went through an interesting change in play style. Now they go for one based on pace, so we’re...

2019-08-13 :
A tough game against Birmingham City FC is behind us. Their style of play is based on physicality and effort,...

2019-08-09 :
EFL Championship has already started and August brings about a lot of important games. We have to start winning the...

2019-08-06 :
The start of the season hasn´t worked out that well for us. I´ve to admit Leeds United deserved to win....

2019-08-03 :
The pre-season has ended and we await a game against not an easy opponent - Leeds United. As we want...

2019-07-30 :
Pre season is basically over and it’s time to get ready for the most important part of the year 46...

2019-07-27 :
I started as a captain in the match against Forest Green Rovers Football Club.Of course it´s a great honor for...

2019-07-20 :
The pre-season camp in USA

2019-07-15 :
We went to Brandenton, Florida ⛱ for a pre-season camp. There´s a fantastically equipped IMG Academy center

2019-07-12 :
In the game against AFC Wimbledon each of us played just one half, so we didn´t have to hold back....

2019-07-08 :
I´ve started the pre-season with Bristol City FC

2019-07-04 :
I have a lot of fond memories of Chelsea Football Club. To pick three of those - first was my...
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2019-07-02 :
I´m very happy that after a few weeks of uncertainty about my future I can finally announce that we managed...

2019-06-22 :
Even though I´m at a vacation, it doesn´t mean I lay around the pool all day ⛱. The pre-season begins...

2019-06-18 :
The season at Bristol City FC and Česká fotbalová reprezentace

2019-06-06 :
The date of the national team meetup in June doesn´t seem perfectly convenient. Not that much because of the fatigue...

2019-05-27 :
From my point of view I´m satisfied with my play time this season. Except for a few games I missed...

2019-05-23 :
Our season in Bristol City FC can be regarded as more or less succesful. We had a great unbeaten run,...
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2019-05-17 :
I don´t even believe it´s been 7 years since I scored my first goal in my career. Looking back to...
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2019-05-04 :
We’re preparing for the match with Hull City. It’d be nice to finish the pre-playoff part of the season with...

2019-05-02 :
Thanks to an excellent finish we managed to get all 3 points at Millwall and are still in the run...

2019-04-29 :
How unfair life can be

2019-04-27 :
The match against Derby County is played on an interesting day. It’s the 5th anniversary of my Premier League start...

2019-04-21 :
Looking back at the match, we were the better team against Reading Football Club, but unfortunately weren’t able to convert...

2019-04-20 :
Taking into account 150 games in basically 4 years, it seems like a lot. I remember of course my first...

2019-04-17 :
Sometimes there´s a situation in a game where you need to intervene on the goal-line. Then the rule is simple: "You shall not pass."

2019-04-12 :
Aston Villa FC is having a great run. They managed to win 7 games in a row

2019-04-11 :
We got another vital 3 points in the fight for the top 6 of the Championship. We knew we had...

2019-04-04 :
On Tuesday I had a great return to my ex club. In Middlesbrough FC we won 1-0 and collected some...

2019-04-02 :
In April, there´s a fair amount of games scheduled. Most of them with the contestants for the top 6. First,...

2019-04-01 :
We handled the Sheffield United Football Club game well and lack only a point for the 6th spot. I think...

2019-03-30 :
The final part of the season is ahead of us. 10 games in the next 37 days. All very important....

2019-03-29 :
As I posted a while ago, I started to drink ESCALATE by ISOLINE before and after the games. I had...

2019-03-21 :
For me, the match against England

2019-03-20 :
There was a really long break since the last international meetup

2019-03-11 :
Unfortunately, throughout the game with Leeds United, we were down most of the time. We conceded early and it´s hard...

2019-03-08 :
Leeds United is one of the biggest candidates for a promotion to Premier League. They have great players and manager....

2019-03-05 :
The game against Preston North End Football Club was not the most beautiful one, but that doesn´t mean it wasn´t...

2019-03-01 :
Just until February we had an amazing run. Unfortunately it ended and we didn´t collect a single point from last...

2019-02-25 :
Unfortunately, our winning run in Championship ended in Norwich City FC. It´s a pitty, because in the first half we...
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2019-02-22 :
One run is over, but the other one can still go on. On Saturday, we´re facing the leader of Championship...

2019-02-20 :
On Sunday, one great run ended for us. Since the end of November, we haven´t lost in 15 games in...

2019-02-18 :
The round of 16 of the The Emirates FA Cup turned out a little unfortunate for us. It was a...

2019-02-14 :
Those were two completely different halves against QPR FC. In the first one, we didn’t do great at all and...

2019-02-11 :
The win at Blackburn Rovers is best described as defended and fought for. We started better and were the better...

2019-02-09 :
Blackburn Rovers is doing kind of well lately. Not conceding goals and scoring quite a few, so we’re expecting another...

2019-02-05 :
January worked out well for us. We won all 5 games and conceded only 2 goals. That proves that our...

2019-02-04 :
Swansea City Football Club showed a quality performance, which you don´t see that often in Championship. But we were prepared...

2019-02-01 :
We are soon facing Swansea City Football Club. I have good memories of this club, because it was my first...

2019-01-31 :
I got an offer from ISOLINE to try their Escalate drink. I was glad to be chosen ambassador, so I...

2019-01-29 :
The cup game against Bolton Wanderers Official was way harder than the league match. Bolton improved and it took us...

2019-01-24 :
We´re getting ready for the 4th round of the The Emirates FA Cup against Bolton Wanderers Official. Two weeks ago,...

2019-01-23 :
We managed to prolong our unbeaten run to 11 matches
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2019-01-20 :
I can vouch for everyone who played against Nottingham Forest that they gave their best. We did deserve 3 points...

2019-01-18 :
Nottingham Forest is a club with a new manager. That means we can expect anything. They have a few injured...

2019-01-14 :
Everyone expected an easier game against Bolton Wanderers Official, but it was proven once again that this competition is hard....

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