WOLFPACK: Rush and Point by Abby Wambach - 2019-04-13

Abby Wambach, text's publication from 2019-04-13 16:19:12 :
Keep thinking of last night’s convo with the amazing Brené Brown. We talked about the 8 New Rules of WOLFPACK.

I loved Brene’s take on Rule #5. “This idea that we go through the world and celebrate other peoples’ successes – other women. If something great happens, we’re rushing toward her. If something great happens, we’re pointing to who helped us. That would solve so many problems!” YES IT WOULD!

Listen: You will not always be the goal scorer. When you are not, you better be rushing toward her.

Sometimes you will be the goal scorer. Every goal we score belongs to the entire team. So when you score, you better start pointing – to the teammate who assisted; to the defender who protected; to the midfielder who ran tirelessly; to the coach who dreamed up the play; to the bench player who willed this moment into existence.

When a member of the Pack scores, there are only two options:
We’re either rushing or we’re pointing.

This goes for on the field and off. Let’s amplify each other’s voices, celebrate each other’s successes, and give credit to those who contributed to ours. And when one of us falls, let’s pick her up, and help her get back in the game.

Pack: Rush and Point today! And if you haven’t gotten WOLFPACK yet, please pick it up here: See you tonight, Houston, and see you Monday, Seattle!

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