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2019-08-29 :
Shorts, flip flops, Supreme Nutrition Recovery Shake and I’m good to go

2019-08-22 :
Delighted and grateful to extend my contract and have the opportunity to give back for time lost last season. It...

2019-06-20 :
Supreme Nutrition keeping me energised in LA. Got to keep my favourites with me out here

2019-06-06 :
This is definitely one of my favourite products Supreme Nutrition, I’ve been using the Pre-Workout a lot over the past...

2019-05-30 :
Big week for us, clocks ticking ⏱. Quality nutrition is a key part of the prep. Only using the best...

2019-05-28 :
4 days to go

2019-05-22 :
Supreme Nutrition Whey Concentrate is a standard daily procedure for me to increase my protein intake and recovery

2019-05-17 :
Proud to announce my partnership with Supreme Nutrition today! Great to finally make this happen after the support they have...

2019-02-18 :
Getting back in sync

2018-08-15 :

2018-08-08 :
A view helps, but it doesn’t take all the pain of treatment away

2018-08-07 :
It’s been a tough few months, dealing with the biggest set back of my career to date at such a...

2018-06-03 :
Nice day for it at Anfield today watching the boys

2018-05-25 :
When you’re negotiating who’s turn it is to crutch over to grab the remote!

2018-05-10 :
Watching the boys in Rome last week taking us one step closer to something very special. Knee surgery was a...

2018-04-25 :
Absolutely devastated to have picked up this injury at such a crucial time in the season. Gutted I won’t be...

2018-04-23 :
Preparations done ✔ ready for tomorrow. #YNWA #ChampionsLeague

2018-04-13 :
Roma in the semis! What’s everyone’s thoughts? Here’s a little recap of the past week
See the video

2018-04-10 :

2018-04-09 :
Champions league ready

2018-03-31 :
The boys showed a lot of fight today to pull off a great comeback and win! Big shout out to...

2018-03-28 :
Disappointing not to win last night but overall a good weeks work with @england and a lot of positives to...

2018-03-26 :
“And there Ox and there son”
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2018-03-23 :
bringing the beatles back with the lads for #SportRelief, see how we got on tomorrow night...anyone guess who i was?...

2018-03-22 :
England ⏩ Holland

2018-03-16 :
Man City in the next round of the @championsleague
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2018-03-09 :
Focused on tomorrow! #YNWA

2018-03-05 :
Me and the boy resting up for tomorrow’s game

2018-03-03 :
Another one

2018-02-27 :
Dinner with Dessert

2018-02-24 :
When Mohamed Salah asks for the assist at half time

2018-02-22 :
The Brits with my plus 1

2018-02-19 :
Training camp done ✅ Back at it ahead of the weekend ⚽

2018-02-14 :
Focused for tonight

2018-02-07 :
Off to London with the boys for the Nike Football event ✈️

2018-01-31 :
Training ⚽️❄️

2018-01-23 :
Disappointing result last night.... We go again! #YNWA

2018-01-19 :

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