WOLFPACK Rule: Be FOR each other. by Abby Wambach - 2019-03-25

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WOLFPACK Rule: Be FOR each other.
During every soccer game there are a few magical moments when the ball actually hits the back of the net and a goal is scored.
What happens next on the field is what transforms a group of individual women into one team. The bench erupts. Teammates from all over the field rush toward the scorer.
It might appear that the team is celebrating the goal scorer, but what the team is really celebrating is every player, every coach, every practice, every sprint, every doubt, and every failure that this one single goal represents.
Sometimes you will make a 60-yard sprint only to watch another woman score the big goal. Sometimes it was your tackle, your run, your heart, and your sweat that made that goal possible.
You will not always be the goal scorer. When you are not, you better be rushing toward her.
Sometimes you will be the goal scorer. I was that goal scorer 184 times during my international career. If you watch footage of any of those goals, you’ll see that the moment after I score, I begin to point.
I point to the teammate who assisted.
I point to the defender who protected us.
I point to the midfielder who ran tirelessly.
I point to the coach who dreamed up this play.
I point to the bench player who willed this moment into existence.
Every goal I’ve ever scored belonged to my entire team.
When you score, you better start pointing.
When a member of the Pack scores, there are only two options: We’re either rushing or we’re pointing.
This goes for on the field and off.
Let’s amplify each other’s voices, celebrate each other’s successes, and give credit to those who contributed to our own. And when one of us falls, let’s pick her up, and help her get back in the game.
Today I’m rushing and pointing to women who make the game better, make me better, make the world better – I see you and I am FOR you: Alex Morgan Billie Jean King Ava DuVernay P!nk Serena Williams Glennon Doyle Emma Watson Elizabeth Gilbert Michelle Obama Melinda Gates Christine Sinclair

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